Young Priest



Encounter Conditions

If you haven't attacked the refugee today.

Initial Text

A young man in priest's garments approaches you with a smile on his face.

Summary of Choices

  1. Let him talk - first time, unlocks more choices next time or, further times: choices below, or, after asking too much, nothing.
    1. Food? - Gain 2 of: Instaheat soup, canned green beans
    2. Could use some credits - ???
    3. Maybe peace of mind - Gain 3 XP Will
    4. Nothing, thanks - Walk away
  2. Lunge for him - ???
  3. Let him go - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Let him talk

First time:

He smiles warmly, although it doesn't entirely dispel the weariness in his eyes. "Welcome! Lots of new faces lately. It can be hard to recognize everyone, so don't worry if you forget folks' names."

"I'm always happy to welcome new members into the family, but… well, it's usually a sign that folks are struggling."

His gaze slips to stare at one of the stained glass windows. "It feels like modern life is getting away from us, doesn't it? Well, in any case, you're welcome here."

Further times:

He nods. "I'm glad to see you again. If you need anything, be sure to let me know."

(leads to further choices)

Further times, after asking for food:

He smiles, but it looks a bit strained. "I won't tell you the Lord only helps those who helps themselves, but… well, there's only so much to go around right now. Hopefully you can hang on a little longer."


He nods and gives you a bit of a smile. "Of course. We always try to keep some canned food on hand."

He ducks into the back and brings out a few cans for you.

You found 2-3 of: canned green beans, Instaheat soup

Could use some credits

He nods and hands you a cred chip. "It makes the world go round, after all."

You found: battered cred chip

Maybe peace of mind

"Well," he gives a bit of a smile, "that's one we can give away for free."

You spend a while talking about your problems. He doesn't make many suggestions, but he's a really good listener.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Nothing, thanks

He nods. "Of course, you're always welcome."

(Walk Away)

Lunge for him

He looks at you aghast, a tremendous sadness welling up in his eyes as he prepares to defend himself.

(Fight Priest, and for the rest of the day, removes this encounter and the security guard is now hostile, win or lose.)

Let him go

He nods. "Of course, you're always welcome."

(Walk Away)

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