While Underwater

Certain skills grant an extra bonus while near water. Currently the only locations that are considered "underwater" include:

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items
Things affected when you are underwater:
Skills Bonus while Underwater
Blessed of the Seas +2 Etheric Defense
Vassal Of The Seas +2 Morale
Warrior of the Seas +2 Etheric Power
Techniques Bonus while Underwater
Acid Splash Does not work
Brick Punch ?
Bullet for Ginn Does not work
Bullet for Surt Does not work
Bullet for Ymir Does not work
Channel The Deep 15 base damage if Etheric
Chemical Mixture Does not work
Clustered Shot ?
Cover Fire Does not provide cover?
Crushing Punch -3 base damage
Crystal Gate 15 base damage if Etheric
Disruptive Shot Does not work
Distant Claw 21 base damage if Etheric and following Channel the Deep
Dynamite Does not work
Focused Burst No bonus for 15+ Perception?
frag-grenades ?
Frost Breath ?
Full Auto ?
Fuming Acid Does not work
Gas Grenade Does not work
Graveshot If not following etheric technique, ?
Indirect Fire -4 base damage
Jacob's Ladder ?
Lakebed Grapple +4 base damage normally, +6 base damage vs. Melee
Lash Out +3 base damage if not a closer
Live Wire ?
Longarm ?
Microrocket ?
Molotov Cocktail Does not work
Necrotic Vial 12 base damage if Etheric
Nitro Does not work
NitroX Does not work
Petrol Splash Does not work
Precise Shot No bonus as an opener, ?
Power Strike No bonus for 15+ Strength
Primitive Attack ?
Pyromancy +? base damage
Quick Shot No bonus as opener, ?
Rending Smoke ?
Rain Of Bullets ?
Serpent Strike ? as a closer
Shark Bite ?
Short Burst No bonus damage as a closer
Shotgun Blast -1 base damage; no bonus vs. Melee
Single Shot -1 base damage
Speargun With a speargun equipped, leaves jagged wounds
Spear Hunting ?
Spore Cloud Does not work
Steady Shot ?
Stream Of Needles -1 or -2 base damage with no needler equipped?
Tesla Coil Does not work
Unexpected Grab ?

The bonuses to the skills are doubled since underwater also counts as While on the Shore.

Trying to run away while underwater gives the following message if you don't have enough diving ability:

You'd have a shot on land, but there's no way you can swim fast enough to get away underwater.

Fighting to a draw while underwater gives the following message:

You're both exhausted by the time you wrap up, heading your separate ways underwater.

You cannot use metallic oil while underwater.

See Techniques Testing for a list techniques that are confirmed not to be affected while underwater and things that still need testing.

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