Viral Formatter


Image Virus25.jpg
Description Based off a twisted mass of viral code and corrupted data this might reformat an infected site, sending tendrils of warped data throughout the system and reforging it into the virus's image. On the other hand, it's just as likely it won't work at all. It's kind of a crap shoot.

You can be certain it's a ridiculously bloated piece of software, though. On the other hand, most sitemaker suites can't be bothered to even run on a computer costing under a hundred thousand credits, so maybe that's a good sign.
Type Program
Requires 3 Processor
Tools Crash Function, Corrupt Datastream, Junk Data, False Intrusions, Viral Reformatting


Note: The following recipe still exists but one or more ingredients are no longer available.

Expand your Viral Injector with a Viral Mass
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Viral Injector Viral Mass
= Viral Formatter


Hammer25.jpg This item is a not a component for any kind of crafting.
computerchip.jpg Unknown
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


Adds a new option to fully controlled infected sites: Reformat Site

Level 1-3 site, before successful reformat:

The formatter takes its time, hollowing out <site> into little more than a husk and rebuilding it from scratch. Unfortunately, the new site doesn't seem to share the same security vulnerabilities you used to get in here in the first place.

or without Wild Virus:

You set out to reformat <site>, but the formatter just throws up one incomprehensible error message after another. Maybe it doesn't like you.

Gain 20 energy of Wild Virus

Level 1-3 site, after successful reformat:

The formatter doesn't have any changes to suggest for <site>.

Level 4 site:

You set out to reformat <site>, but the formatter hangs at 75% and refuses to budge.

Level 5 site:

You set out to reformat <site>, but the formatter hangs at 60% and refuses to budge.

Level 6 site:

You set out to reformat <site>, but the formatter hangs at 50% and refuses to budge.

Successfully using the formatter creates a Formatted Site and removes the site from your list. If another player reformats a site you have in your list you get the message:

Connection refused? Damn it.

It looks like a human being finally found the security flaw you were using to get into <site> and closed it up. Maybe <name> finally hired a decent security consultant.

and the site is removed.

Tool Summary

Tool Memory Size Target Intensity Notes
Crash Function 3 None 0 Crashes an opposing function if they have no Hardening
Corrupt Datastream 2 Processor 1
False Intrusions 2 Hardening 4 Deals 1 damage to memory instead if the target has no hardening
Junk Data 2 Memory 1 Disrupts normal defenses the target uses during their next pass.
Viral Reformatting 5 Hardening 5 Changes the target into The Virus if it has no hardening
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