Vine Confluence


Image creepy-plant.jpg
Combat Name The plant
HP 82-95
Gender Neutral
Stats Perception: 16
Reflexes: 4
Strength: 16
Will: 16
Power Melee: 8
Stealth: ?
Unopposed: 6
Defense Melee: 6
Ranged: 12
Fire: 2
Etheric: 12
Stealth: 12
Reactive: 0
Awards 6 XP
You found: thorny vine (sometimes)
You found: sprouting seed (sometimes)
You learned a new Technique: Vine Lash (sometimes, win or lose?)


Misty Offices: Massive Flower: Rush in/Leap to the Attack
Misty Offices, after chopping vines in the Strange Vines encounter ?? times


Note: Upon winning, the Massive Flower choice and Vine Confluence combat are permanently removed.


Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Implant Seed 2 Stealth (normal)
'' Stealth (unopposed)
'' Nothing (if have Parasitic Vine)
Vine Grab 3 15 Melee Gives Tight Hold
'' 21 Melee (if held)
'' Nothing (Vs. Fire) Removes Tight Hold
Vine Bite 3 18 Melee
Vine Lash 4 18 Melee
This opponent has +6 power when Unopposed


nomnom25.jpg You tear apart the plant's vines, savoring the sweet sap within as you regain x Energy. evil
HandMirror25.jpg A pattern grows over the mirror, falling from its surface in the form of sprouting seeds.

You found: 4 sprouting seeds
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