Titles By ID

This is a list of all titles that have been found. This includes titles unlocked in the game as well as custom titles obtained from a scroll of declaration. The ID number can be found by viewing the page source of the account preferences (see checkbox to select it).

# Type Name
1? Custom (Kinak) the Developer
2? Custom (Kinak) the Fool
7 Custom (Al) , Purveyor of all things Unearthly (thanks Goku)
8 Custom (Valmo) the Bereaved
9 Custom (Cryptodynamic) , Lord of Pearls and Master of the Depths
? Custom (Goku) the Ascended
17 Reigning title the Builder of Snow
18 Reigning title the Killer of Snow
19 Reigning title the Terror of Snow
21 Oldtown title the Warrior-Artist
22 Oldtown title Array
29 2017 title (from Metroplex Day) , Joy of Metroplex
30 2017 title (from Metroplex Day) , Protector of Metroplex
34 2018 title (from Metroplex Day) , Joy of Metroplex
38 Oldtown title the Pacifist
66 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) , Builder of Halloween
67 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) the Bat Whisperer
68 2018 title (from Halloween 2018) , Funder of Halloween
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