Third Eye Agitator

Note: This encounter has been retired. See Protester Punk for new version.



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A man stands in the quad, screaming at a group of protesters.

"What are you cowards? The only way this is going to end is violence! Show them what you're made of!"

A few in the crowd seem to be listening, but most are just trying to ignore him.

Summary of Choices

  1. Add your voice - If you have a protest sign equiped, increase protest size. Otherwise, trigger cool coin.
  2. Beat him down - Fight Third Eye Ganger
  3. Follow him - Observe him in a transaction with some Third Eye gangers in the Happy Hour; gain 2 XP Perception
  4. Wander off - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Add your voice

(If you have a protest sign equipped)

You join in, shouting for violence. The crowd slowly warms to your idea.

Voices murmur about the crimes of Midgard Industries and how violence might just be the only way.


The crowd seems a little suspicious that two outsiders are trying to rile them up. A few voices join in, but most of them seem to suspect a trick.

(triggers cool coin)

Beat him down

The provocateur opens his eyes widely and grins.

"An actual fight? Step up!"

(Fight Third Eye Ganger)

Follow him


Eventually the man seems to get tired of screaming. He glares at the crowd and turns on his heel.

You hang back and follow him carefully across the street to a local dance club. He heads inside and meets with several other members of his gang. Seems like this is their main hangout.

You can't stay close without being seen and head back towards the Quad.

Gain 2 XP Perception

Wander off

See Walk Away

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