The Guard

1. Medical aid - Nothing
2. New Guard - Get into the Slags if wearing containment suit?*

"Another new one? Damn, we lose more every day…"

"Well, welcome aboard. Hope the Slags treat you better than they treated me." The guard makes a hand sign and the gates open behind him.

3. Charge through - Fight Slags Guard. If this is the first time you've done this, he has 2-3 wall turrets with him. This can increase to 4 turrets if you try multiple times.
4. Nothing - Nothing

Charge through-(second time)

The guard responds with a practiced calmness. You hear the muffled sound of him speaking into a microphone.

"Junkyard to base camp, thanks for the new turrets, over."

Fight 4 wall turret and Slags Guard

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