Techniques That Need Damage Spading

I used to keep this page on a forum post here but moving to a real page so everyone can edit if they want.

I've been going through all the techniques that need damage spading and knocking off the easier ones. I went through and made a table to prioritize the remaining ones by ease of spading. ("Hard" = either actually difficult or just time consuming, eg. waiting for a snowmaiden to show up, (or both)). Some of these are pretty arbitrary designations though.

Please feel free to contribute.

Easy Med Hard
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Easy ReflexCoil Leap
Swimming Charm
Swinging Chain
Tumbling Key
(N/A) Contempt
Cyberbowl Rush
Gamer's Shot
Organ Feast*
Petrifying Roar
Shield Block(*)
Staring Mask
Med Acidic Ecofuel
Beginning Focus
Bullet for Surt
Call To Feast
Channel The Deep
Chemical Mixture
Clashing Blow
Cover Fire*
Flittering Charm
Flowing Glow
Glowing Imagination
Leaping Dodge
Minute Focus
Personal Focus (technique)
Skin Of The Wolf
Bullet For Ymir
Hollow Gaze
Masked Evasion
Mirror Shot*
Mirror Strike*
Owl's Mask (Technique)
Integrated Ram Play
Reflected Gaze
Silver Bullets(*)
Sovereign Soil
Stellar Focus
Tactical Study
Vindictive Shot
Wildcat Play
Burning Mask
Confused Focus
Emerald Thoughts
Fire Run
Gem Break
Grasp Of Pain
Metallic Summons
Hard Call Of The Moon
Channel Inspiration
Grasping Glow
Hunting Command
Predatory Leap
Release The Hounds
Unexpected Grab
Cloak Of Feathers
Lucky Shot
Open Parasol
Dance Of Silver
Lethal Resolve
Scripted Dance
Winged Hunter (technique)

* Potentially requires reset and/or really low stats

Needs other investigation

Other techniques that need investigation, such as mechanics for unlocking certain forms, include:

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