Target Search


Image creepy-eye25.jpg
Description Nobody could pretend there's a legitimate purpose for this tool. Its only feature is finding targets with weak security systems.

And it does that damned well, thank you very much.
Type Data (Search)
Use The search doesn't come back with any results. It seems those systems have been shut down.
Warning No-longer-available item consumed on use!


Browse hidden files of an oldos software company.

Create a basic search with two sections of Networking Code
Networking Code Networking Code
= Target Search


Create a Target Search utilizing a Vulnerability Database
Target Search Vulnerability Database
= Intrusive Search
Let some Viral Code coopt your Target Search
target search viral code
= viral search
computerchip.jpg networking code (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


Before July 21, 2016, using this gave:
Requires 1 Energy
Use You go over dozens of sites before finding one that the target search can find a good entry into.

You've found some security vulnerabilities in <site name> that you should be able to exploit.
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