Synergistic Bonuses

Some combinations of items or effects give extra bonuses when worn together. You can check for these by looking at bonuses summary page in game, accessible by clicking on the "See All Bonuses" link on your character sheet (access by clicking your name in the left pane), or by going to directly.

See also the Bonuses page for other enhanced bonuses, such as Apply part of X to Y, or conditional bonuses such as With Eclipse or While Underground.

Outfit Bonus
Tome of Binding + Shadowy Presence +2 Stealth Defense
coat of defensive circuitry + drunk effect +1 Incognito
coat of masterful circuitry + drunk effect +2 Incognito
Cold Depths + Cultured Pearl + Ocean Eyes +4 Etheric Power, +4 Will
Crocodile Hide Jacket + Ocean Sight +4 Perception
Crocodile Hide Jacket + Fae Sight +4 Reflexes
Crocodile Pants + Ocean Sight +2 Perception
Crocodile Pants + Fae Sight +2 Reflexes
Crocodile Shield + Ocean Sight +2 Perception
Crocodile Shield + Fae Sight +2 Reflexes
Elegantly Torn Pants with various patches (various)
Stainless Skulls helmet with various music (+2 various)
Stainless Skulls helmet + whisper microphone with various music (+3 various)
Trophy Talons + (Smoking Talons or Sparkling Glass Claws) +2 Melee Power, +2 Etheric Power, +2 Will
Shield of Scales + Serpent Suit parts +Evasion Power, +Melee Defense for each part
Orbital Watch + another source of Eclipse Duration +1 Eclipse Duration
2 or more Bone Effects +1 Ranged and Melee Defense for each Bone effect beyond the first
All achromatic gear +(g x (g-1) / 2) to all Attributes (g = amount of glow)
achromatic heart +(g+5) Etheric Power (g = amount of glow)
achromatic shield +(g+5) Etheric Defense (g = amount of glow)
achromatic lamp +(g+5) Stealth Defense (g = amount of glow)
survivors' origami box + origami parts +X Power to Techniques Using Reflexes (X = origami parts)
survivors' origami coin + origami parts +X Power to Techniques Using Perception (X = origami parts)
survivors' origami crane + origami parts +X to all Attributes (X = origami parts)
survivors' origami shield + origami parts +X Power to Techniques Using Strength (X = origami parts)
survivors' origami vortex + origami parts +X Power to Techniques Using Will (X = origami parts)

Bonuses for having a slot empty

Some items/techniques/etc give a bonus when you have an equipment slot empty.

Note: for purposes of having no offhand equipped, having a Missing Hand does not count.

with the following… grants additional…
Offhand: anniversary pocket mirror +6 to all attributes
Offhand: catering tray +2 to Melee Power
Offhand: honorary catering tray +4 to Melee Power
Program: staring blade program +3 Fire Power
Program: staring gauntlet program +3 Stealth Power
Effect: Chitin Hands +6 Melee Power
Technique: Striving Hands +4 damage
Technique: Top Hat Trick Acquire a stage wand in your weapon slot (1/day)
with the following… grants additional…
Weapon: army drone model +2 Ranged Power
Weapon: cosplay polearm +2 Melee Power
Weapon: classy cane +2 Melee Defense
Weapon: decorative spear +4 Melee Power
Weapon: dorm support +5 Melee Power
Weapon: extended spider leg +4 Melee Power, +4 Melee Defense
Weapon: golden classy cane +2 Melee Defense
Weapon: jagged drone leg +3 Melee Power
Weapon: Midgard MG2 +4 Ranged Power
Weapon: manhole cover +2 Melee Defense
Weapon: polysteel spider leg +4 Melee Power
Weapon: polysteel support +3 Melee Defense
Weapon: princely sword +2 Evasion Power
Weapon: reinforced drone leg +3 Melee Defense
Weapon: steel length +4 Melee Defense
Program: staring eye program +3 Etheric Power
Program: staring shield program +3 Evasion Power
Technique: Princely Form +1 damage; blocks Melee
Technique: Striving Hands +4 damage
with the following… grants additional…
Pants: designer vines (after gaining Set Roots) Vine Shirt effect:
+2 Melee Defense
+4 Strength
Bodyware: OmniTech ArtSkin +2 Stealth Power
Bodyware: Ghost skin +3 Stealth Power
with the following… grants additional…
Bodyware: Ghost skin +3 Stealth Power

The anniversary pocket mirror also provides a lot of hidden interactions.

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