Swinging Chain


Image swingingchain.jpg
Description Swing away from your opponents
Chain 5
Type Evade
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 4
Special More effective when you have something to swing from

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4 (M, ???, Not R,F,S) (non-directional)
You use your chain to pull away from the ganger.
<Opponent attacks>, but you pull away from all of the damage.
When you can swing (while underground?) 6 (M, Not R,E)
You wrap your chain around a fixture and kick off.
<Opponent attacks>, but your swing avoids all but <x> / of the damage.
While underground and something else ??
You flick your chain around a fixture and swing away from the enforcer on momentum.
<Opponent attacks>, but ???.


Charmed Chain equipped

Used By (Opponents)

Form of Chains

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