Stunning Techniques

Some techniques can stun you or your opponents in combat. This means that an attack that they were going to do next is replaced with a different message, which does no damage or defense. Depending on the technique, the stunning takes place on next pass, or even later in the round.

Stun Resistance can reduce the chance of being stunned, but more spading needed for the exact details.

Techniques that stun:

  • Live Wire - removes opposing technique on next pass (as closer)
  • Petrol Splash - after using this, if you use a fire technique on pass x, it removes opponent's technique on next pass
  • Jacob's Ladder - if your opponent uses the same type of technique on this pass as next pass, it removes their technique next pass.
  • Tesla Coil - removes opposing technique on next pass (if not vs. Evasion), removes technique after that as well versus Electric opponents
  • Wild Kick - removes your technique on the next pass (vs. Evasion)

NPC stunning techniques:

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