Stealth Power


Stealth power increases the effectiveness of stealth techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Certain amounts are also required to remain undetected in certain choice encounters.

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Reflexes, which boosts most stealth techniques.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Stealth Power Modifiers

+4  abstract domino mask (with Hide Yourself), black strands
+3 emerald facade (with Eclipse), shining glasses
+2 abstract domino mask, harvester mask, masquerade mask (with Eclipse), paramedic eyepiece, security balaclava, Stainless Skulls helmet (with Bitter Song playing), trick top hat
+1 rubber mask
-2 cap of fools, national crown
+8 black gemstone, carved crystal orb, personal sniper rifle, quivering switchblade, Silver Tower switchblade, spring knuckles
+7 Barsukov sidearm, black switchblade, massive beak, navigator's penknife, Zalian multiweapon
+6 autolock sidearm, bloody icicle, focused needler, hardened switchblade, sniper rifle, toy switchblade, vicious holdout
+5 bloody switchblade, decorated werewolf claw, dueling knife, hunter sidearm, kingly blade, massive snowflake fragment, Midgard safety needler, optical needler, quivering rifle, retrofitted needler, steel switchblade, tiny holdout, wicked knife, Zalian defense system
+4 black bayonet rifle, blade of the snows, buzzing TZR, classic switchblade, collapsible baton, harvester blade, improbable gun, memorial rifle, mislit mask, mushroom spade, psychopath's knife, rusted gun, serpent knuckles, slammer bottle, slick holdout, speargun, stalker's knife, thin shiv, trick sidearm
+3 antique dueling pistol, antique needler, black silver blade, classic handgun, close combat shotgun, demonic spike, gutter pistol, handmade pistol, needler rifle, refitted switchblade, reinforced kitchen knife, sharp stick, steady sidearm, Zalian defense tool
+2 ancient rifle, army drone model, blade of the snows (with Thawing Blade), bloodied knife, hustler's cue, jagged knuckles, Moodlight glove, old kitchen knife, painted parasol, shiny butcher knife, silver switchblade, steel knife, yellowed lace garotte
+1 brass knuckles, filthy pistol, old switchblade
-2 leaded baton
-3 the Hammer's sledge
-4 waterlogged handcannon
Offhand Items
+4 black crystal orb, hand of glory
+3 hunter's heart, shadowy heart
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +stealth power weapon), charged golem heart, old scalpel, putrid sapphire
-2 ostentatious ring, putrid blob, talking doll
-3 chattering skull
-4 clattering chimes, struggling raven
+10% hungry ooze cloak
+2 blackened vest, blood rose cape, hungry ooze cloak, hustler's coat, outlaw coat, scaled vest, slinky dress, vampire cape, see Bodyware
+1 black dress shirt, bouncer suit jacket, dirty old trenchcoat, dusty suit coat, gutter leathers, nightmarish gang jacket, ratty suit coat
-2 tropical shirt
-5 safety vest
+5 elegantly torn pants* (with Black Silver Patching)
+2 elegantly torn pants* (with Black Pants), pressed slacks, scaled pants
+1 dusty suit pants, mountaineer pants, ratty suit pants, strange pants
+4 Midgard Player (with Hidden Harmony or Stalking Seed)
+2 lens focused on the crowd, Midgard Player (with Stalking Harmony), optical bracelet, optical rangefinder
+1 arrayed scope, quick draw holster
-4 animatronic snake
-100% Halloween Security Badge
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor,memory cost)
SL optimized targeter (3,0)
+YS integrated hunt (1,2)
+6 staring gauntlet program (with no weapon equipped, with Eclipse) (1,3)
+3 staring gauntlet program (with Eclipse) (1,3)
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 chameleon glands
+3 ghost skin
+2 OmniTech ArtSkin (without a shirt equipped)
-2 tiger skin
-3 body jewels
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+4 sealed cyberblade, unsealed cyberblade
+2 Inteternal blade
-2 mover arms, muscular cyberarms
-4 commemorative cyberarms
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
-2 bulky cyberlegs, goat legs, stealth power
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+1 demon face
Cyberware (Organware)
+3 trash cyberheart
+2 OmniBody heart
+20% Soft Wind
+5 Blood in the Snow, Cycle of Forgiveness, Hidden Death, Undersea Stalking
+4 Cavern's Light (while aboveground)
+3 Dancing Mists, Observational Fiction
+2 Artistic Darkness, Forest Movements, Gaze Beyond, Icy Demeanor, Inspired Movements (with Eclipse), Smiling Sneak, Steady Hand, Vile Camouflage
-2 Flicker of Peace
-3 the Jitters
-4 Obvious Presence, Tactically Tracked
-5 Crushed Hand, Webbed
+4 Drone Anatomy (vs Drones only)


* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions

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