Stealth attacks represent attacks the opponent didn't know were coming and usually gain a bonus as an opener.

Stealth techniques are improved with Stealth Power and reduced vs Stealth Defense.

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Stealth Attack Techniques

Stealth Defense Techniques

Other techniques that do Stealth damage

Stealth Techniques Info

Technique Chain Attribute Damage Notes
Backstab 0 Reflexes 6 +3 as opener, -3 vs. melee, more with a knife
Envenomed Fang 0 Reflexes 2 Leaves Poison, only vs organs
Lace Garotte 0 Strength 0 +dam with garotte
Striking Dance 0 Strength 2 +dam with punk music
Unexpected Grab 0 Strength 7 "More effective against humans and others you know the weaknesses of"
Disappearing Switchblade 1 Will 5 +dam with switchblades
Kidney Punch 1 Strength 6 -4 vs Melee or No Organs
Stake 1 Strength 2 +6 as unopposed, +3 with a hammer, more vs Vampires
Serpent Strike 1 Will 4 +5 as closer
Snow Blade 1 Reflexes 4 can give Thawing Blade
Implant Seed 2 Strength 2 +5 unopposed, gives debuff
Jacob's Ladder 2 Perception 4 Stuns if opponent's next attack is the same type as current one
Pestle Surprise 2 Reflexes 2 +4 with a pestle, +4 more following Stomping Dance
Reflexive Blade 2 Strength 2 Enhanced with a cyberblade, following barehanded techniques and versus Melee?
Shadowed Mask 2 Strength 2 +4 as opener, +? with abstract domino mask
Spade Strike 2 Strength 4 +2 with a mushroom spade equipped, +4 if your Melee Power > their Melee Defense
Spider Grip 2 Strength 4 +6 at short distance, +2 with Chitin Hands
Sudden Adaptation 2 Strength 4 +4 late in the chain, more with masks
Sudden Bash 2 Strength 2 probably better with a shield equipped, best with the shield of scales
Switchblade 2 Reflexes 3 +4 as opener
Acid Splash 3 Perception 6 +4 as opener
Behind the Mask 3 Strength 4 As opener only or following Evasion; Evasion otherwise
Branded Lash 3 Strength 4 Deals more damage with mascot adapter and when stealth power > target's melee defense
Emotional Grip 3 Strength 2 +damage with Moodlight glove
Extending Baton 3 Reflexes 12 As opener with collapsible baton; Melee otherwise
Harvester Reaping 3 Strength 5 only following stealth, otherwise melee; +dam with knives
Informed Weakness 3 Perception 3 +damage with Fiction Effects
Lightning Lunge 3 Strength 8
Metal Sting 3 Reflexes 3 +dam following Evasion or with knife weapon
Personal Focus 3 Perception 4 Requires lens focused on the crowd equipped
Psychotic Break 3 Strength 4 +4 as opener
Zalian Blade 3 Reflexes 6 With zalian weapon, but without Zalian Blade effect; otherwise Melee
Burrowing Ruse 4 Will 7 +2 underground; ineffective vs. Evasion
Cyberblade 4 Reflexes 3 +11 with cyberblade weapon installed
Dirty Pool 4 Strength 3 +4 if your Reflexes > opponent's Perception
Implied Blade 4 Reflexes 6 base damage with Eclipse (+ as opener or sword hilt)
Lethal Resolve 4 Will 10 +? With Cold Depths, may do some Evasion also
Snapping Chains 4 Strength 6 You probably won't break this chain, but other bonds may not be so strong
Spinning Surprise 4 Strength 3 +4 as a filler
Stalk Through Snow 4 Strength 3 + damage vs. or with Etheric
Sudden Savagery 4 Strength 4 +? damage following Ranged
Hunting Dash 4 Strength 3 more with special conditions
Top Hat Trick 4 Reflexes 3 +5 with trick top hat, or deals other types of damage
Acidic Ecofuel 5 Perception 1 +damage with Ecofuel flamethrower
Channel Inspiration 5 Will 10 Only with Inspired Movements active
Emotional Glow 5 Strength 0 Requires Moodlight Glove
Fuming Acid 5 Reflexes 8 +5 if following melee or ranged
Raider Ambush 5 Perception 3 gives Raider Targeting, less effective on repeat use
Spear Throw 5 Reflexes 3 can do melee or ranged damage
Stage Magic 5 Reflexes 14 with stage wand, and Stealth Power the lowest
Dirty Trick 6 Reflexes 4 +4 if first use this combat
Dragonblood 6 Reflexes 4 +4 as opener
Feathered Ice 6 Reflexes 2 +6 while Etheric or "high ground"
Hidden Pain 6 Reflexes 3 +dam following Fire or Dance of Ashes
Opportune Raid 6 Perception 4 +dam with raider mask; does Ranged unless SP is higher
Skittering Hand 7 Will ? "Grab from a distance"
Tesla Coil 7 Perception 7 "Most effective when you can pin down your target"
Raven's Eyes 7 Will 14 Following 2 Stealth techniques
SDNano 9 Perception 4 +4 as opener, chance of more damage at end of combat
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