Stairway Punk



Encounter Conditions

A Disruptive Punk needs to be told (by any player?) about the Eclipse plans.

Initial Text

You turn a corner to find several students having an argument. It's a little hard to follow what's going on exactly.
Most of the students are arguing that the guy with the mohawk isn't allowed up the stairs. Meanwhile, instead of trying to argue their points or even intimidate them, he's arguing that he's already up the stairs and periodically looking over his shoulder like he's being chased by something.
Whatever's going on, he doesn't seem intent on leaving without getting by or a fight.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give him a fight - Fight Punk Student
  2. Distract them - Lets the punk slip away to do something, probably slip Eclipse into barrels.
  3. Follow his gaze - Nothing OR (if etheric) Fight two Twisted Hounds
  4. Ignore the scene -Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Give him a fight


(Fight a punk student)

Distract them

You step in, pretending to mediate. As the volunteers unload their many worries on you, their assailant slips past to do something.

Follow his gaze

(If etheric)

You follow his gaze back towards the Quad, eventually finding a festering pit in the ground as though someone wounded the earth. Something about it seems strangely familiar, but before you can determine what, two dark shapes circle around the pit towards you.

As they howl and close the distance, the pit shrinks, leaving little more than a scorch mark.

(Fight 2 Twisted Hounds)

Not etheric

You head in the direction he keeps glancing. The only thing in that direction is the Quad's fountain.

You poke around for a bit, but don't find anything interesting.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Ignore the scene

You ignore the confrontation. Whatever's going on, you're sure they'll work it out somehow.

See Walk Away

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