Stagnant Pool



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2020, ~1 day in

Initial Text

The cleaner and more decorated the parking garage gets, the more certain areas seem even worse. In particular, a large pool near the back of the garage is full of stagnant water and buzzing with mosquitoes.

Nobody wants mosquitoes at their party, to say nothing of the water's smell.

Summary of Choices

  1. Add a plain tombstone (with plain tombstone) - lose plain tombstone, help decorate
  2. Install an animatronic motor (with animatronic motor) - lose animatronic motor, help decontaminate water
  3. Hang some decorative webbing - (with decorative webbing) - lose decorative webbing, help decorate
  4. Go fishing - gain 30-39(?) HP
  5. Check the water - information
  6. Leave it be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Add a plain tombstone

You lean a tombstone near the pool, making it look a bit more like a dilapidated cemetery. Yeah, that might be the best you can do with it. There's no way that's all getting drained.

(Lose plain tombstone)

Install an animatronic motor

Although it's small, the motor starts circulating the water in the pool some. Hopefully that means mosquitoes won't be joining the other bloodsuckers on Halloween.

It feels just cleaner somehow too, less like something horrible is about to crawl out of it at any moment.

(Lose animatronic motor)

Hang some decorative webbing

Some actual spiders have already hung their webbing up here, so the fake stuff really just helps give it a little extra volume.

The new webs won't do anything about the mosquitoes, but it definitely improves the atmosphere.

(Lose decorative webbing)

Go fishing

Tragically, the fish don't seem to be biting. You do have a nice rest, however.

You regain 30-39 hit points!

Check the water

You can't help but feel like there's something lurking just below the surface. But all you find are bugs and pond scum.

Leave it be

There are a lot of things in the world that are not your job, but pond maintenance seems pretty high on that list.

(walk away)

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