Spore Cloud (technique)


Image sporecloud.jpg
Description Spores conceal from ranged attacks
Chain 4
Type Evasion
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 6
Special Conceal yourself from ranged attacks and choke your opponents with spores

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6 (R) Gives opponent ?? turns of Spore Cloud, and gives mushrooms (see below)
You rain spores down on <opponent>. <Opponent> begins coughing and hacking.
<Opponent attacks>, but you hide behind a cloud of spores, avoiding all but <X> / of the damage..
Vs. air filter or no organs 6 (R)
You rain spores down on <opponent>. <Opponent> doesn't seem to mind.
While underwater
You throw a handful of spores towards <opponent>, but they just float gently on the currents.


Using black spores

On Winning

Gives a message at the end of combat, if you successfully put spores in opponent's lungs:

The spores grow into mushrooms almost instantly, sprouting from your fallen foes.

You found: (one of) red toadstool, large mushroom, or edible mushroom.

You only receive one mushroom regardless of how many times you use the Technique.

Used By (Opponents)

Mushroom Harvester
Mushroom Scout
Writhing Fungus

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