Spider Venom Sample


Image Syringe25B.jpg
Description This tiny syringe holds a dose of poison originally belonging to some twisted spider. You don't think you could inject someone with it easily, but you could inject yourself if you were crazy.
Type Usable
Use You inject yourself with the spider venom. The injection site itches for a moment, then caves in, becoming an ulcerous wound as your body starts consuming itself.

It stops advancing after a few seconds, but the pain is still incredible.
Multi You inject yourself with several doses of spider venom into your arm. The injection sites itch for a moment, then cave in, becoming an ulcerous wound as your body starts consuming itself.

Your arm spasms, sending pain arcing through your body. The flesh on your arm boils, as though it's healing as fast as the poison can consume it.
Effects Take 10-20 damage
Gain 20 energy of Spider Venom


Drops from the Horrific Spider (with a Myers sampling kit equipped)
Drops from an opponent damaged by Call the Swarm (with sampling kit)


Distill two Spider Venom Samples
Spider Venom Sample Spider Venom Sample
= Concentrated Venom
Mix a Serpent Venom Gland and a Spider Venom Sample for a more potent toxin
Yields 2-3 doses of concentrated venom
serpent venom gland spider venom sample
= concentrated venom
Analyze a Spider Venom Sample with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Spider Venom Sample
= Spider Ash
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Curiosities
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