Spear Weapon

The following are spear weapons. The weapons / uses that are marked with an asterisk below to the sub-category of fishing spears.

Item MP Other Bonuses Notes
bristled leg 4 +4 Will Bristled Spear
carved fishing spear 6 +6 Etheric Power Fishing Spear*
cosplay polearm 2 Double melee power with no offhand equipped
decorative spear 4 –4 Reflexes, Silver, double melee power with no offhand equipped)
fungus spear 4 +4 Reflexes
glinting spider limb 7 +7 Etheric Defense
hunting spear 9 Fishing Spear*
imaginary spear 0 +2 XP each combat
oily spear 7 +3 Etheric Power, –3 Etheric Defense
palace spear 8 +5 Melee Defense
postapocalyptic spear 7 A reflection of the path before you
spear bug 6 +2 Melee Defense
spider drone leg 6 +2 Melee Defense
stained glass spear 2 (+4) More Melee Power With Eclipse; Leaves Jagged Wounds
stone spider leg 6 +2 Etheric Power
toxic spear 5 +5 Etheric Power Toxic Spear
twisted spider limb 7 +7 Etheric Power, +1 Chance of Etheric Encounters
vine spear 6 +6 Strength
writhing spear 10 +10 Reflexes


Opponents with this trait

Crawling Mite
Deep Hunter
Dragon Hunter
Palace Guard

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