Slags Guard

See also Slags Guard (infested), which looks identical in game, but has different attacks/drops.


Image GuyinContainmentSuit.jpg
Combat Name The guard
Normal Guard Gate Guard
HP 30? 30?
Stats Perception: 6?
Reflexes: 2?
Strength: ≥5?
Will: 8?
Perception: 6?
Reflexes: 2?
Strength: 6
Will: 8?
Power Melee: —
Ranged: 0?
Fire: —
Etheric: —
Stealth: —
Evasion: —
Melee: —
Ranged: 0?
Fire: —
Etheric: —
Stealth: —
Evasion: —
Defense Melee: 3
Ranged: 3
Fire: 3
Etheric: 2
Stealth: 3
Melee: 4
Ranged: 4
Fire: 4
Etheric: 10
Stealth: 4
Traits Male; Human; Air filter; Needler weapon
Awards 5 XP
You gained 20-40 credits (at slags gate) [used to be recorded as 10-25 credits, needs checking if it's the same everywhere or changed at some point] (sometimes)
You found: needler rifle (sometimes)
You found: 1-3 of:1
- cracked containment helmet (sometimes)
- ripped containment top (sometimes)
- ripped containment pants (sometimes)
       (At Slags Gate only)
- heavy containment helmet (sometimes)
- heavy containment top (sometimes)
- heavy containment pants (sometimes)
       (At non-Slags Gate only)
- containment helmet (sometimes)
- containment suit top (sometimes)
- containment suit pants (sometimes)
       (With salvaging tools)
- unlined vest (sometimes)
- unlined pants (sometimes)
- sealant patches (sometimes)
- polysteel (sometimes)
You found: 1-3 of (even distribution)
- gas grenades (1/4?)
- long clips (1/4?)
- shotgun rounds (1/4?)
- sealant patches (1/4?)
You learned a new Technique: Stream of Needles (sometimes)


Abandoned Subway (Halloween 2011 only)
Midgard Laboratory
Gate To The Slags
Gate out of the Slags
The Charnel House (reopened)


Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Gas Grenade 4 4 4-6 None (normal) Gives 3 turns of coughing fit
'' 0 0 None (if air filter equipped)
Single Shot 5 2 2-4 Ranged
Shotgun Blast 6 3 3-6 Ranged (normal)
'' 3+5 8-14 Ranged (vs. melee)
Short Burst 6 2 2-4 Ranged (normal)
'' 2+3 5-10 Ranged (closer)
Stream of Needles 7 8 8-14 Ranged
Full Auto 7 6+4 10-16 Ranged (closer only)
Indirect Fire 8 7 7-13 Ranged

On Winning

1 Winning a fight gives:

Poking around, it seems at <least one piece/some> of this guard's containment suit stood up to the beating you just doled out.

Or, if you got salvaging kit results:
Thanks to your kit, you're able to salvage some of this guard's containment suit.

And, additionally, if fighting into the slags at the gate:

You step over his body into a blasted wasteland… one that looks more like the sight of a massive battle than any sort of accident. Huge craters pit the ground, while the twisted remains of factories and office buildings stand forgotten.

The slags guard starts with three fully-intact containment suit parts for drops (helmet, top and pants). The more times that you hit the slags guard, the more his equipment gets destroyed. Specifically, each time that you use a technique against the guard that does more than 5 damage, it degrades one of the suit parts, picked at random. The table below shows how parts degrade for slags guards at the slags gate (other guard have non-heavy containment suits, and don't drop metallic powder):
No hits 1 hit 2+ hits
heavy containment helmet cracked containment helmet (completely destroyed)
heavy containment top ripped containment top (completely destroyed)
heavy containment pants ripped containment pants (completely destroyed)
Or, with a salvaging tools:
No hits 1 hit 2 hits 3+ hits
heavy containment helmet cracked containment helmet polysteel, or
sealant patches, or
metallic powder
(completely destroyed)
heavy containment top ripped containment top polysteel, or
sealant patches, or
metallic powder, or
unlined vest
(completely destroyed)
heavy containment pants ripped containment pants polysteel, or
sealant patches, or
metallic powder, or
unlined pants
(completely destroyed)

Polysteel seems somewhat more common than metallic powder or unlined pants/vest. Note that even if a suit piece has reached the "completely destroyed" stage, there is still a 1/3rd chance of further hits hitting it, leaving the other parts intact. You only get the "thanks to your kit" message if you get exactly two hits on a piece.

There is a minimum of one part always getting damaged. So, for the best drops, you need to either: (a) do one big attack with a single technique, or (b) do many small attacks that never do more than 5 damage. Both of these methods will give you 2 fully intact parts, and one slight damaged part. Plan (b) can potentially be difficult to survive long enough to pull off.


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the guard's flesh, regaining x Energy. evil
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP


Stream of Needles was changed from chain 6 to 7 on December 22, 2009.

During Halloween 2011, when fought in the Abandoned Subway, the following text is appended after a win:

You check him over for a radio or comm, but don't find anything. It's possible he has an implanted one but, if he does, it's well hidden.

The following seem to have been removed at some point:

With the August 26th 2012 revamp, the containment suits drop method was updated. Previously, it gave exactly 1 of the 3 containment suit parts, 100% of the time. Also sealant patches were added as a drop.

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