Simple Crafting involves using items from inventory. Items can be multi-used at once for different results.

Number Base Item Result Text
1 Paper Mache Doll Head Roll some Paper Mache
2 Paper Mache Paper Boat Fold two piles of Paper Mache
3 Paper Mache Paper Mask Spread three piles of Paper Mache on your face
5 Paper Mache Pinata Forge together five piles of Paper Mache
6 Paper Mache Paper Cast Prepare six piles of Paper Mache
10 Paper Mache Giant Paper Mache Head Sculpt ten piles of Paper Mache
50 Paper Mache Megapinata Sculpt a giant pile of Paper Mache
3 Knuckle Bones Knuckle Charm Thread three Knuckle Bones
6† Knuckle Bones Knuckle Necklace Collect nine Knuckle Bones
Empty Shards (various) (see page for details)
10 Glimmering Crystal Chip Glimmering Crystal Fragment
(one of, at random):
- Glimmering Crystal Half
- Glimmering Crystal Hunk
- Glimmering Crystal Piece
- Glimmering Crystal Point
Assemble 10 Glimmering Crystal Chips
2 Toy Bricks Brick Apple Cover a core of Toy Bricks with a Toy Brick skin
5 Toy Bricks Brick Knuckles Piece together five sets of Toy Bricks
10 Toy Bricks Brick House Construct your dream home with ten sets of Toy Bricks
25 Toy Bricks Brick Figure Model a human with twenty-five sets of Toy Bricks
* Coffee Crystals Cup of Joe Make up some Coffee Crystals
* Fair Trade Grounds Fair Coffee Brew up some Fair Trade Grounds
* Fortified Coffee Grounds Fortified Coffee Mix up some Fortified Coffee Grounds
* Lattes! Latte Powder Lattes! Instant Latte Hydrate some Lattes! Latte Powder

† With a Knuckle Charm in inventory as well.
* See coffee crafting for details.

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