Shielded Jumpjet


Image rocket25.jpg
Description This is apparently a rocket you're supposed to strap to yourself. At least it's got a sturdy layer of steel around it, so it hopefully won't explode at a stray spark.
Type Gadget
Effects +2 Evasion Power


Reinforce an unshielded jumpjet with a steel ingot for safety's sake
Unshielded Jumpjet Steel Ingot
= Shielded Jumpjet


Make your shielded jumpjet more dangerous by adding a targeting circuit
Shielded Jumpjet Targeting Circuit
= Targeted Jumpjet
Make your shielded jumpjet more responsive by adding a biomonitor circuit
Shielded Jumpjet Biomonitor Circuit
= Reflexive Jumpjet
toolbox.jpg steel ingot, unshielded jumpjet
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Arms
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