Shakedown (Waterfront)



Encounter Conditions

  • You must be a participant in gang warfare.
  • Your gang must have control (or complete control) of the Waterfront
  • Your gang warfare agenda for the zone must be set to shakedown.


You shake down some of the crooked dock supervisors. It's a good workout and nets you a fair chunk of cred.

And, with Juryrigged Antenna and Waterfront Relay:

Your gang keeping the streets clear makes it easier for you to focus on the signals you're searching for.

You've gained 20 duration of Eye on the Signal.

And, during Halloween 2011 with university funding bucket equipped:

You negotiate with the locals to sell <x> of your Midgard candy poppers at full price.

And, during Halloween 2012, with a halloween museum petition or halloween counterpetition equipped:

While you're busy making students empty their pockets, you also get a couple to sign your petition.


You go back over the same group of students again, which makes it harder to get your petition signed. At least they all seem to have scared up more money.

You learned a new Technique: Throttle (sometimes)

You've earned 4? XP in Strength

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