Security Issue



Encounter Conditions

High Records Office panic

Initial Text

The lobby is largely abandoned, except for some guards busy turning everyone away. They just mutter "security issue" whenever anyone asks, which does seem to satisfy (or at least bury) the actual workers' curiosity on the matter.

Summary of Choices

  1. Walk through - enter Records Office if in Containment suit, otherwise nothing
  2. Charge through - fight 4 Internal Security (baton), enter Records Office if you win
  3. Start killing - fight 4 Internal Security (baton)
  4. Turn and leave - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Walk through

The guards insist forcefully that the building is closed due to a security breach and that you should head back outside.

Or, in a Containment Suit:


You stride through the lobby with purpose.

Two of the guards look at each other as you pass. You can faintly hear one start cursing. "Fuck. This has just gone from bad to worse, hasn't it."

Enter the Records Office.

Charge through

The guards don't seem intent on letting you through, but you may be able to punch a hole.
(Fight 4x Internal Security (Baton))

Start killing

They're all just standing right there. It's like fish in a barrel!

They're trying to call for backup, so you'll probably get some more later too.
(Fight 4x Internal Security (Baton))

Turn and leave


You carefully back out of the lobby.

See Walk Away

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