Second And Third Floor



Encounter Conditions

Only once you've defeated any four enemies on the floor

Initial Text

You find your way to the western stairs. They only seem to go up to the third floor, before some tremendous damage carved them out of the side of the building.

Summary of Choices

  1. Third Floor - Go to Third Floor
  2. Second Floor - Go to Second Floor
  3. Stay here - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Third Floor

You make your way up the western stairs until they drop off into open air. Past the gap, you can faintly make out the stairs stretching further up.

At the very edge of the drop, an empty door-frame opens onto the third floor. The entire area looks blasted, far more damaged than the other floors.

(Go to 3rd Floor)

Second Floor

You crack open an ancient security door on the second floor. It seems fairly clean compared to the first floor and possibly even patrolled.

You'll have to be careful getting to the eastern stairs.

(Go to 2nd Floor)

Stay here

You turn back away from the stairs and head back into the abandoned offices.

See Walk Away

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