crashedprogram.jpg The hacking mechanics described here have been completely replaced by Novos. The Hacking page provides an overview of the current mechanics.


As of July 21st, 2016 all of these searches are obsolete. Attempting to use them results in:

The search doesn't come back with any results. It seems those systems have been shut down.

Searches allow you to find new sites on the Net. They typically cost one energy and link to one new site. Repeats of sites are possible, although rare with just a few known sites.

Each search links to a specific type of site:

Method Result
Access Node Gather other user's sites within your network.
Intrusive Search A search for higher security sites.
Maddening Search Let a strange viral mass search.
Signal Finder Locks on to the strongest signal.
Target Search A simple search for low security sites.
Viral Interpreter A search for infected sites.
Viral Search A virus-driven search.

There are additional ways to find sites:

No longer available:

There are also hacking encounters found by directly visiting computer systems.

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