Sealed Cyberblade


Image cybernetic%20blade%2025.jpg
Description This cyberblade is perfectly concealed, both from visual inspection and from the attention of scanners. It's a work of stealthy art.
Type Cyber (Cyberarms) (Quest)
Requires 4 Body
Effects +4 Stealth Power
+2 Melee Power
-2 Ranged Defense
Cybersafety Seal


Apply a Cybersafety Seal to an Unsealed Cyberblade
Unsealed Cyberblade Cybersafety Seal
= Sealed Cyberblade


Hammer25.jpg <Craftable> but unknown result OR This item is not a component for any kind of crafting. OR replace this line with a recipe (see editing recipes)
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Arms
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