Scavenge (Southside)



Encounter Conditions

Only if you are a participant in gang warfare, your gang has control of Southside Park, and your gang warfare agenda is set to Scavenge


You rummage through the garbage in Southside Park. It's amazing what you can find if everybody leaves you the hell alone.


Gain 3 XP Perception and 4-5? of: cheap pistol, circuit fragments, Eclipse, garbage sticker, half of a sandwich, refilled pill bottle, grain alcohol, everything dog, smelly old pants, Mikhail's Jumbo Platter, frayed cable, jumbo hot dog

If fangs are not yet cleared out (might be the same):
Gain 3 XP Perception and 4-6 of: ancient candybar, brass knuckles, cheap pistol, circuit fragments, dirty old trenchcoat, dirty rags, everything dog, filthy pistol, frayed cable, garbage sticker, grilled panini, half of a sandwich, jumbo hot dog,Mikhail's Jumbo Platter, old jacket, refilled pill bottle

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