Image ThirdEyeLieutenant.jpg
Combat Name Saber
HP 50-54
Stats Perception: 3-?
Will: 0-5
Power Melee:
Ranged: 0
Fire: -1-2
Etheric: 2
Evasion: 0-3
Defense Melee: 0-1
Ranged: 0
Fire: 0
Traits Male, Human, (probably) Etheric
Awards 8 XP
You found: Third Eye vest (100%)
You gained 60-80 credits


Underground Asylum choice encounter: Hall of Doors

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Dive for Cover 4 ? ?-7-? Evasion (M,R,F)
Light of the Eye 5 10 ? Evasion(M,R,F,E)
Pyromancy 5 5-8 ? Fire
Short Burst 6 5 ? Ranged (closer only)
Evil Eye 6 10 ? Etheric
Summon Bats 6 Disrupts the following attack
Precise Shot 7 6 ? Ranged (opener only)


Shard is a unique enemy that is only encountered once. If you attempt to intimidate him without meeting some condition, gain 1 energy of Crushed Perceptions. See Whispering Door for full details.

There are various special results if you win, lose or draw. See Whispering Door as well. If you win/draw, You gained a new contact: Dr. Amundsen.

nomnom25.jpg You feast on Saber's flesh, regaining x Energy. evil
HandMirror25.jpg N/A
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