Resistance Test



Encounter Conditions


The first paragraph is always:

Text reading "Resistance Test - Load Complete" scrolls across your vision, as though projected against the background of your surroundings. As you admire the technical wizardry, your muscles begin to seize, positioning you as though you were held by an invisible assailant.

The second paragraph and results vary (see below), probably depending on the number of melee techniques in your current deck.

The final text is normally

Fighting against yourself was agonizing. You can still feel your muscles, tendons, and bones buckling under the pressure.

With No Pain active you receive an extra 3 XP in Strength in addition to the normal results based on the second paragraph, and this final text:

Fighting against yourself was bizarre. You could feel the pressure on muscle and bone, but not the pain.

It's probably for the best.

Second paragraph and results

You fight back valiantly, but ultimately unsuccessfully. Eventually the letters in the background change to "Test Complete - Reloading" and the hold disappears.

You've earned 2 XP in Strength

With several different melee techniques in your deck

You start to move, pulling all the tricks out of your arsenal. Eventually, you confuse the test, leaving it to cause random muscle seizures. The text eventually changes to "Test Complete - Reloading."

You've earned 3-4 XP in Strength

With enough different melee techniques in your deck

You fight back swiftly, with the confidence of skill. It's not pleasant, but the letters eventually change over to "Test Aborting - Error 23," which you're pretty sure means you won.

You've earned 5-6 XP in Strength

With many different melee techniques in your deck [I had 18]

You fight back with careful movements and precise control. It's not pleasant, but you know your body better than the thing on your head. The text eventually switches to "Test Aborting - Error 16," which you're confident means you pounded it into the ground.

You've earned 7 XP in Strength

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