Recipes By ID

The recipe number can be found by viewing the page source of the crafting pages. Next to each recipe is a radio button with a value. Eg. Heavy Baton recipe number is 117:

<input type='radio' name='recipe' value='117' /> <B>Heavy Baton</B> …

† This column indicates the crafting type:

A - armory
C - chemistry
E - electronics
P - programming (coding)
S - sushi
M - multiuse (simple)

Superscripts indicate recipe type:

Q - Quest recipe: you can only create this if you know the recipe (lost on resets)
L - Learnable Quest recipe: this is a recipe that you learn by finding it through experimtation and also elsewhere in the world (lost on resets)
R - Required recipe: you need to learn this recipe to create it (kept through resets)

ID Output Ingredients
1 Liquified Eclipse C Create a more potent, liquid form of Eclipse with two Eclipse tablets.
2 Slags Antidote Q Boil down two clumps of withered tendrils with liquified Eclipse to create an antidote to Slags poisoning.
3 Caffeine Powder Q Reduce a cup of horrible black coffee into pure caffeine. You need the strong stuff, not just any coffee will do.
4 Nitro L Process two sticks of dynamite into one vial of pure Nitro.
5 Powerful Acid Q Convert a pile of sulfur into a flask of dangerous, but effective, acid.
6 Sheet of Scales C Reconstruct a scaly hide from loose scales and tendril ointment.
7 Tendril Ointment C Make a healing ointment by dissolving the withered tendrils of a sea creature in grain alcohol.
8 Powerful Acid Q Refine a flask of powerful acid from the remains of three partially digested fish.
9 Agar Powder Q Reduce a clump of damp seaweed into agar powder.
10 Nitro L Dissolve a lake serpent sample in powerful acid to get some Nitro. Just don't drop it.
11 Powerful Acid C Distill two flasks of larval acid into one flask of a more powerful acid.
12 Caffeine Powder C Crush and refine two pep pills into pure caffeine powder.
13 Caffeine IV C Mix some pure caffeine in an IV bag for a constant drip, drip, drip of energy.
14 Numbing IV C Get some potent painkillers in an IV bag to cut all that pain down.
15 Potent Painkiller C Distill two painkillers into their pure liquid form.
16 Slags IV C Dilute some Slags antidote into an IV bag for a constant supply.
17 Soaked Eclipse C If you carefully soak an Eclipse in more liquified Eclipse, it retains itself while somehow soaking up all the liquid. Strange.
18 Slimy Eclipse C Dissolve some withered tendrils in some liquified Eclipse to get… slimy Eclipse.
19 NitroX C Kick a vial of Nitro up a notch with some of these white flakes.
20 Nightmare Fuel C Dissolve ghoul teeth in larval acid to create something closely resembling the essence of nightmares.
21 Necrotic Vial C Mix nightmare fuel with Nitro to create an etheric explosive.
22 Ghoul Maw C Heal a ghoul's teeth back into a semblance of life with a tendril ointment.
23 Signal Analysis Circuit Q Reconstruct four circuit fragments into a simple circuit.
24 Biomonitor Circuit Q Connect two frayed cables to a signal analysis circuit for a basic life-monitoring system.
25 Thick Cabling Q Twine two frayed cables into one thick functional cable.
26 Capacitor Array Q Set up four microcapacitors to hold far more charge.
27 Targeting Circuit Q Combine two optical sensors and a signal analysis circuit into a primitive targeting system.
28 Refined Petrol C Distill two units of petrol sludge down into a vial of refined petrol.
29 Petrol Sludge C Break down a sludge heart with powerful acid to get a bunch of petrol sludge
30 Refined Petrol C Dissolve a lump of coal down with powerful acid to get this flammable mix.
31 Hound Eclipse C Buffer some hound dust with liquified Eclipse.
32 Artificial Hound Crystal C Add more hound dust to hound Eclipse, solidifying it into an artificial gem.
33 Gritty Ointment C Mix hound dust with a tendril ointment to create a defensive ointment.
34 Frag Grenades C Juice up a gas grenade with some dynamite. (NO LONGER EXISTS)
35 Eclipse Slammer C Liquified Eclipse and a border slammer mixed into something more terrifying than either.
36 Slimy Bandage C Slather an Omnitech trauma bandage with tendril ointment for a stronger healer
37 Black Bandage C Use an Omnitech trauma bandage to bond Nightmare Fuel to your skin
38 Crystalline Mushroom C Petrify a Shaman Staff mushroom with some Hound Eclipse
39 Toadstool Oil C Boil two warty toadstools down to their active ingredient
40 Mushrooms C Black spores in agar powder instantly sprout into mushrooms
41 Toxic Eclipse C Poison some liquified Eclipse with a destroying angel mushroom
42 Toxic Spear C Use Toxic Eclipse to alter the nature of a Fungus Spear
43 Nightmare Fuel C Toxic Eclipse and Black Spores create this nightmarish cocktail
44 Toxic Crystal C Grow a crystal out of Hound Dust around some Toxic Eclipse
45 Toxic Tears C Dissolve a Destroying Angel mushroom in a Flask of Tears
46 Molotov Cocktail Q Rig some Refined Petrol up into a simple Molotov cocktail
47 Targeting Scope E Upgrade a Basic Scope with a Targeting Circuit
48 Descrambled TV E Add a Signal Analysis Circuit to improve an Antique Plasma TV
49 Monitoring Vest E Tag a Light Armored Vest with a Biomonitor Circuit for first aid feedback
50 Shorted Cable E Charge a Thick Cable with a Capacitor Array to shock your foes
51 Live Cable E Permanently charge some Thick Cable with two Capacitor Arrays (2 Energy)
52 Improved Visor E Update a Security Visor with a Targeting Circuit
53 Biomonitor Kit E Improve any First Aid Kit with a Biomonitor Circuit
54 Lashing Golem Heart E Fuse a Trash Golem Heart with a Thick Cable
55 Crawling Golem Heart E Expand a Trash Golem Heart with two spools of Thick Cable (2 Energy)
56 Writhing Golem Heart E Allow a Trash Golem Heart to fuse with three spools of Thick Cable (3 Energy)
57 Cabling Nest E Give your Trash Golem Heart four lengths of Thick Cable to build a nest (4 Energy)
58 Living Sludge Heart E Add a Biomonitor Circuit to a Sludge Heart to confirm disquieting information
59 Beating Sludge Heart E Give a Sludge Heart some semblance of life with a Biomonitor Circuit and a Capacitor Array
60 Shock Shield E Line a Midgard Riot Shield with a Capacitor Array
61 Smart Clip E Modernize a Long Clip with a Targeting Circuit
62 Retromodern Scope E Bring an Antique Scope into the modern age with a Targeting Circuit
63 Filtered HUD E Make a Blacks Ops HUD more user friendly by filtering it with a Signal Analysis Circuit
64 Advanced Rangefinder E Improve the power of a Rangefinder with a Targeting Circuit
65 Rangefinder Bracelet E Improve the usability of a Rangefinder by attaching some Thick Cabling
66 Targeting Bracelet E Optimize a Rangefinder by adding a Thick Cable and a Targeting Circuit (2 Energy)
67 Steady Sidearm E Upgrade an Executive Sidearm with a Biomonitor Circuit
68 Uplinked Sidearm E Integrate an Executive Sidearm with the help of a Signal Analysis Circuit
69 Autotargeting Sidearm E Simplify an Executive Sidearm by adding a Targeting Circuit
70 Wired Sidearm E Leverage an Executive Sidearm with a Targeting Circuit and a Signal Analysis Circuit (2 Energy)
71 Autolock Sidearm E Idiot-proof the Executive Sidearm with a Biomonitor Circuit and Targeting Circuit (2 Energy)
72 Buzzing TZR E Short out a Zaibatsu TZR by adding a Capacitor Array
73 Long Range Scanner E Improve a Police Scanner's range with a Thick Cabling antenna
74 Updated Scanner E Replace outdated parts in a Police Scanner with a Signal Analysis Circuit
75 Retrofitted Scanner E Overhaul a Police Scanner with some Thick Cabling and a Signal Analysis Circuit (2 Energy)
76 Sushi Nori Q Process a clump of damp seaweed
77 Raw Bluegill S Slice a Lake Bluegill
78 Pike Sashimi S Delicately cut a Dock Pike
79 Acrid Sashimi S Prepare a Partially Digested Fish
80 Dried Fish Strip S Practice sashimi cutting on a Dried Fish
81 Tiny Squid Eyes S De-eye a lake squid
82 Unagi S Slice a freshwater eel
83 Perch Sashimi S Finely cut a lake perch
84 Ika Sashimi S Prepare an Endangered Squid
85 Bluegill Sushi S Drape some Lake Bluegill over some Sushi Rice
86 Pike Sushi S Lay some Dock Pike over Sushi Rice
87 Acidic Sushi S Place some Partially Digested Fish over Sushi Rice
88 Dried Fish Sushi S Lay a cut of Dried Fish over some Sushi Rice
89 Unagi Sushi S Prepare some Freshwater Eel with Sushi Rice
90 Perch Sushi S Rest a cut of Lake Perch over Sushi rice
91 Ika Sushi S Prepare some Endangered Squid with Sushi Rice
92 Bluegill Maki S Roll some Lake Bluegill in Sushi Nori
93 Dock Roll S Present some Dock Pike in Sushi Nori
94 Slags Roll S Carefully roll Partially Digested Fish with Sushi Nori
95 Dried Fish Maki S Wrap Dried Fish in Sushi Nori
96 Eye Roll S Hide the staring eyes of a Lake Squid with some Sushi Nori
97 Staring Maki S Wrap Tiny Squid Eyes in Sushi Nori
98 Eel Maki S Roll some Freshwater Eel with Sushi Nori
99 Perch Roll S Roll some Lake Perch with Sushi Nori
100 Smuggler Roll S Roll up some Endangered Squid in Sushi Nori
101 Frosty Roll S Roll a Carrot Nose with some Sushi Nori
102 Crying Roll S Roll some Rinsed Squid Eyes in Sushi Nori
103 Rinsed Squid Eyes C Clean some Tiny Squid Eyes with a Flask of Tears
104 Toxic Squid Eyes C Infuse tiny squid eyes with toxic tears
105 Pulsating Eye C Fuse tiny squid eyes together using nightmare fuel
106 Powered Injector E Recharge a Broken Injector with a Capacitor Array
107 Uncharged Injector E Repair a Broken Injector with a Biomonitor Circuit
108 Empty Injector E Replace the Biomonitor Circuit and Capacitor Array in a Broken Injector (2 Energy)
109 Eclipse Injector C Fill an Empty Injector with some Liquified Eclipse
110 Ointment Injector C Fill an Empty Injector with Tendril Ointment
111 Antidote Injector C Fill an Empty Injector with Slags Antidote
112 Serpent Knuckles A Wrap some brass knuckles in a sheet of scales.
113 Silver Knuckles A Adorn some brass knuckles with a silver ingot
114 Steel Knuckles A Reforge some brass knuckles with a steel ingot
115 Silver Baton A Fill a riot baton with a silver ingot
116 Steel Baton A Reinforce a riot baton with a steel ingot
117 Heavy Baton A Fill a riot baton with metallic powder
118 Thick Vest A Add a layer of polysteel to a light armored vest
119 Traditional Armored Vest A Upgrade a light armored vest with a steel ingot
120 Dual Armored Vest A Strengthen a light armored vest with some hardened plastic
121 Bulletproof Vest A Modernize a light armored vest with some ballistic plastic
122 Retooled Rifle A Refit a suspicious rifle with material from a steel ingot
123 Modernized Rifle A Update a suspicious rifle with some hardened plastic
124 Heavy Riot Shield A Reinforce a Midgard riot shield with some hardened plastic
125 Ballistic Shield A Add another layer of ballistic plastic to a Midgard riot shield
126 Clip of Silver Bullets A Fill an empty clip with a silver ingot
127 Shotgun Rounds A Jury-rig an empty clip with some polysteel
128 Metallic Powder Rounds A Fill an empty clip with some metallic powder
129 Handmade Rifle A Shape some polysteel around assault rifle fittings
130 Retro Assault Rifle A Make an new rifle using some assault rifle fittings and a steel ingot
131 Modern Assault Rifle A Fill out some assault rifle fittings with ballistic plastic
132 Handmade Pistol A Combine a lump of polysteel with pistol fittings
133 Classic Handgun A Rework some pistol fittings with a steel ingot
134 Vicious Holdout A Mold some ballistic plastic with some pistol fittings
135 Silver Blade A Fashion a silver ingot to fit with a sword hilt
136 Knockoff Katana A Shape some polysteel to go along with a sword hilt
137 Replica Katana A Rebuild a sword hilt using a steel ingot
138 Hardened Blade A Refit a sword hilt with some hardened plastic
139 Silver Switchblade A Fill a switchblade handle with a silver ingot
140 Refitted Switchblade A Apply a bit of polysteel to a switchblade handle
141 Steel Switchblade A Refit a switchblade handle using a steel ingot
142 Hardened Switchblade A Fit a switchblade handle with hardened plastic
143 Light Armored Vest A Add some polysteel to an unlined vest
144 Lined Coat A Slip some hardened plastic into an unlined vest
145 Armored Jacket A Reinforce an unlined vest with ballistic plastic
146 Containment Suit Top A Fill an unlined vest with metallic powder (NO LONGER EXISTS)
147 Reinforced Pants A Upgrade some unlined pants with polysteel
148 Lined Pants A Complete some unlined pants with hardened plastic
149 Armored Pants A Reinforce some unlined pants with ballistic plastic
150 Containment Suit Pants A Fill some unlined pants with metallic powder (NO LONGER EXISTS)
151 Scaled Vest A Back an unlined vest with a sheet of scales
152 Scaled Pants A Reinforce some unlined pants with a sheet of scales
153 Hand of Glory C Steep a shriveled hand in an ectoplasmic sample
154 Bloody Hand C Slather a shriveled hand with some tendril ointment.
155 Crystal Hand C Soak a shriveled hand in hound Eclipse.
156 Refined Petrol C Boil down some Petrol Sludge and a Putrid Mass
157 Putrid Sapphire C Heat and mix a Putrid Mass and a Water Sapphire
158 Eclipse Sapphire C Steep a Water Sapphire in Liquified Eclipse
159 Disgusting Slug C Perhaps unwisely, mix some Nightmare Fuel with a Putrid Mass
160 Petrol Gem C Soak a Water Sapphire in some Refined Petrol
161 Skullfish Sashimi S Dissect a skullfish
162 Skullfish Nigiri S Add some Skullfish to a bed of Sushi Rice
163 Death's Head Roll S Arrange some Skullfish with Sushi Nori to leave the skull markings showing
164 Windfall Sashimi S Put an Eager Fish to its volunteered use
165 Windfall Nigiri S Top some Sushi Rice with Eager Fish
166 Friendly Roll S Wrap some Eager Fish in Sushi Nori
167 Shining Knuckles A Coat some Brass Knuckles with a Shining Ingot.
168 Reflective Baton A Spread a Shining Ingot over a Riot Baton
169 Shining Vest A Weave some Shining Ingot strips into a Light Armored Vest
170 Blackened Vest A Coat a Light Armored Vest with a Black Silver Ingot
171 Black Bayonet Rifle A Add some Black Silver Ingot to a Suspicious Rifle
172 Black Silver Blade A Fit a Black Silver Ingot to a Sword Hilt
173 Shining Blade A Fit a Shining Ingot to a Sword Hilt
174 Black Switchblade A Fit a Switchblade Handle with a blade made from a Black Silver Ingot
175 Shining Ingot C Infuse a Silver Ingot with an Ectoplasmic Sample (Special Requirement)
176 Black Silver Ingot C Bathe a Silver Ingot in Nightmare Fuel (Special Requirement)
177 Misty Pill C Soak some Anxiety Medication in an Ectoplasmic Sample
178 Tranquilizing Cocktail C Dissolve some Anxiety Medication in a vial of Potent Painkiller
179 Shaman's Dust C Mix some Shaman Staff spores with crushed Anxiety Medication
180 Medical Tears C Mix some Dehydrated Eyedrops with a Flask of Tears
181 Mutant Cell Culture C Culture a Mutant Cell Sample in Agar Powder
182 Twisted Cell Culture C Warp a Mutant Cell Culture with Nightmare Fuel
183 Preserved Cell Culture C Store a Mutant Cell Culture in Grain Alcohol
184 Soaked Cell Sample C Infuse a Mutant Cell Sample with Liquified Eclipse
185 Filmy Bandage C Coat an Omnitech Trauma Bandage with a Soaked Cell Sample
186 Inert Cell Culture C Treat a Mutant Cell Culture with Slags Antidote
187 Repaired Vigilante Pistol A Replace the body of the Cracked Pistol with a Steel Ingot
188 Show Vigilante Pistol A Spruce up the Cracked Pistol with some silver detail work
189 Patched Audio Chip E Jury rig a Cracked Audio Chip with a Signal Analysis Circuit
190 Entertainment Visor E Override up a Security Visor with a Neural Bridge for your viewing pleasure
191 Chip Junkie Sidearm E Retrofit your boring old Executive Sidearm into a chipdeck with a Neural Bridge
192 Entertainment Sidearm E Repurpose your old Executive Sidearm with a new Signal Analysis Circuit and Neural Bridge for the whole entertainment package (2 energy)
193 TZR Chipdeck E Give your Zaibatsu TZR that illegal zing with a Neural Bridge
194 Reactive Vest A Fill an unlined vest with reactive gel
195 Gel Shield A Coat a Midgard Riot Shield with reactive gel
196 Reactive Pants A Fill some unlined pants with reactive gel
197 Gel Baton A Coat a riot baton with reactive gel
198 Eclipse Syringe C Boost the effectiveness of Liquified Eclipse with a syringe of Ease
199 Anxiety Killer C Upgrade some old Anxiety Medication with Ease
200 Shaman's Brew C Use Ease to help Shaman Staff become more effective
201 Cut Nova C Step on some Nova with Caffeine Powder
202 Smooth Nova C Round the rough edges off of Nova with some Ease
203 Nova Slammer C Upgrade your apparently-not-toxic-enough Border Slammer with some Nova
204 Powerful Acid C Watch the reaction between a Reused Syringe from the subway denizens and some Liquified Eclipse
205 Treated Cell Culture C Cure a Mutant Cell Culture with one of the subway denizens' Reused Syringes
207 Scaled Gang Jacket A Reline your Gang Jacket with a Sheet of Scales
208 Studded Gang Jacket A Use a Steel Ingot to stud a Gang Jacket
209 Hardened Gang Jacket A Insert Hardened Plastic into your Gang Jacket
210 Ballistic Gang Jacket A Reinforce your Gang Jacket with some Ballistic Plastic
211 Nightmarish Gang Jacket A Fuse your Gang Jacket with a Black Silver Ingot
212 Shining Gang Jacket A Melt a Shining Ingot on to your Gang Jacket
213 Reactive Gang Jacket A Line your Gang Jacket with Reactive Gel
214 Shielded Jumpjet A Reinforce an unshielded jumpjet with a steel ingot for safety's sake
215 Reflexive Jumpjet E Make your shielded jumpjet more responsive by adding a biomonitor circuit.
216 Targeted Jumpjet E Make your shielded jumpjet more dangerous by adding a targeting circuit
217 Pike Sashimi S Cut multiple pieces from a Giant Pike
218 Pike Sushi S Prepare a Giant Pike and some sushi rice into a few pieces of nigiri
219 Dock Roll S Craft your Giant Pike into a few rolls
220 Mud Eel Sashimi S Delicately cut a Mud Eel
221 Mud Eel Nigiri S Carefully cut a Mud Eel to top some Sushi Rice. Delicious!
222 Mud Roll S Wrap some Mud Eel in Sushi Nori
223 Lab Visor A Fill in a Visor Frame with some Polysteel
224 Blast Visor A Create an opaque visor with a Steel Ingot and a Visor Frame
225 Blindshot Visor E Wire a Blast Visor with a Targeting Circuit
226 Immersive Visor E Implant a Neural Bridge in a Blast Visor
227 Black Silver Visor A Squeeze a Black Silver Ingot into a Visor Frame
228 Silver Mask A Use a Paper Mask as a mold for a Silver Ingot
229 Polysteel Mask A Gently mold some Polysteel into a Paper Mask's shape
230 Steel Mask A Incinerate a Paper Mask to provide a Steel Ingot form
231 Shining Mask A Overlay a Paper Mask with a Shining Ingot
232 Reactive Mask A Line a Paper Mask with Reactive Gel
233 Black Stone Vest A Reinforce an Unlined Vest with some Stone Spider Chitin
234 Black Stone Pants A Accent some Unlined Pants with Stone Spider Chitin
235 Black Stone Knuckles A Coat some Brass Knuckles with Stone Spider Chitin
236 Black Spider Roll S Hide some Spider Eggs with Sushi Nori
237 Concentrated Venom C Distill two Spider Venom Samples
238 Venomous Angel C Inject a Destroying Angel with Concentrated Venom
239 Spider Nest C Grow a colony of unnatural Spider Eggs in a Sludge Heart
240 Refurbished Baseball Bat A Seal over the damage on a Cracked Baseball Bat with some Polysteel
241 Thick Baton A Surround a Riot Baton with another layer of Polysteel
242 Steel Clad Bat A Upgrade a Refurbished Baseball Bat with a Steel Ingot
243 Party Mask A Add a festive touch to your Paper Mask with some Gold Foil.
244 Gold Knuckles A Add a bit of Gold Foil to your Brass Knuckles.
245 Ostentatious Blade A Highlight a Silver Blade with Gold Foil.
246 Gilt Gang Jacket A Trace over your Gang Jacket with Gold Foil.
247 Gilt Chocolate Coins C Cover some Chocolate Gelt with actual Gold Foil.
248 Gilt Truffle C Chemically fuse a layer of Gold Foil onto a Truffle.
249 Chocolate Components C Process down two piles of Chocolate Gelt.
251 Network Interpreter P Expand a Language Interpreter with Networking Code
252 File Scan P Update a File Interface with an Automation Routine
253 Software Firewall P Implement some Security Patches with Networking Code
254 Target Search P Create a basic search with two sections of Networking Code
255 Vulnerability Database P Correlate the data from two sets of Security Patches
256 Security Updater P Run a set of Security Patches through an Automation Routine
257 Optimizing Code P Supplement an Automation Routine with a Math Subroutine
258 Thorough Decompiler P Improve your Decompiler by adding a File Scan
259 Fast D P Soup up your Decompiler with some Optimizing Code
260 Network Jammer P Restrict traffic with a Network Interpreter and a Software Firewall
261 Eavesdropping Tools P Connect your Network Interpreter with a Vulnerability Database
262 Code Injector P Implement your Vulnerability Database with a File Interface
263 Vulnerability Tester P Implement your Vulnerability Database with some Networking Code
264 Deep File Scan P Expand your File Scan to use a Vulnerability Database
265 The Tar Pit Q Tune a Software Firewall with a Vulnerability Database
266 Intrusive Search P Create a Target Search utilizing a Vulnerability Database
267 Quick Scan P Punch up a File Scan with some Optimizing Code
268 Updating Firewall P Automate your Software Firewall with a Security Updater
269 Advanced Interpreter P Upgrade a normal Language Interpreter with Optimizing Code to handle more advanced programs
270 Dumb PDA E Start building your PDA off with a Processor Chip and a PDA Chassis
271 Functioning PDA E Take a PDA Chassis to basic functionality with a Processor Chip and a Memory Stick. (2 Energy)
272 Fast PDA E Rig up a PDA Chassis with two Processor Chips and a Memory Stick (3 energy)
273 Expanded PDA E Build a PDA from scratch with a PDA Chassis, a Processor Chip, and two Memory Sticks. (3 Energy)
274 Hardened PDA E Create a secure PDA with a PDA Chassis, a Processor Chip, a Memory Stick, and a Safety Loop (3 Energy)
275 Processor Chip Q Cobble a chip together from four Circuit Fragments and a Polysteel base.
276 Gold Processor Q Coat a Processor Chip's connections with Gold Foil
277 Memory Stick Q Piece a usable stick together from six Circuit Fragments
278 Safety Loop Q Set a Signal Analysis Circuit to watch the signals on a Frayed Cable
279 Twitch Controller Q Rig up two Optical Sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit for lightning fast control
280 Signal Buffer Q Pair a Signal Analysis Circuit with a Capacitor Array
281 Unbootable PDA E Slap a Memory Stick in a PDA Chassis
282 Linked Handheld E Create a secondary storage device with a PDA Chassis, Memory Stick, and Thick Cabling (2 Energy)
283 Expanded Handheld E Repurpose a PDA Chassis with two Memory Sticks and some Thick Cabling (3 Energy)
284 Dysfunctional PDA E Experiment with two Memory Sticks in a PDA Chassis (2 Energy)
285 Gold PDA E Drop a Gold Processor into a PDA Chassis
286 Retro PDA E Reconstruct a PDA Chassis with a Gold Processor and Memory Stick (2 Energy)
287 Blazing PDA E Trick out a PDA Chassis with two Gold Processors and a Memory Stick (3 Energy)
288 Handcrafted PDA E Work up a PDA from a PDA Chassis, two Memory Sticks, and the central Gold Processor (3 Energy)
289 Twitch PDA E Construct a responsive PDA from a Memory Stick, a Gold Processor, a PDA Chassis, and a Twitch Controller (3 Energy)
290 Buffered PDA E Create a defended PDA from a PDA Chassis, a Memory Stick, a Gold Processor, and a Signal Buffer (3 Energy)
291 Dual Learntop E Slip a second Processor Chip into an OmniTech Learntop.
292 Expanded Learntop E Slot a Memory Stick into an OmniTech Learntop.
293 Safety Learntop E Equip an OmniTech Learntop with a Safety Loop
294 Gold Learntop E Juryrig an OmniTech Learntop to use a Gold Processor
295 Gold Dual Learntop E Override an OmniTech Learntop with two Gold Processors (2 Energy)
296 Expanded Gold Learntop E Improve on an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Memory Stick (2 Energy)
297 Rebuilt Learntop E Rebuild an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Formatted Memory Core (2 Energy)
298 Twitch Learntop E Repurpose an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Twitch Controller (2 Energy)
299 Buffered Learntop E Build up an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Signal Buffer (2 Energy)
300 Gold TZR E Upgrade a Zaibatsu TZR with a Gold Processor
301 Highmem TZR E Expand a Zaibatsu TZR using their Formatted Memory Core
302 Buffered TZR E Rewire a Zaibatsu TZR to include an Signal Buffer
303 Memory Sidearm E Link your Executive Sidearm to Formatted Memory Core using a Signal Analysis Circuit (2 Energy)
304 Trick Sidearm E Kick an Executive Sidearm up a notch with a Targeting Circuit and a Twitch Controller (2 Energy)
305 Twitch Visor E Create a new control device from a Blast Visor and a Twitch Controller
306 Caffeine and Sugar Q Process two Pep Pills down with some Powerful Acid.
307 Defensive Jammer P Turn a Network Jammer to defensive purposes with an Updating Firewall. (Special Requirement)
308 Intrusive Jammer P Extend the reach of your Network Jammer within systems with a Code Injector (Special Requirement)
309 Network Scan P Improve your Eavesdropping Tools with some Quick Scan software (Special Requirement)
310 Depth Charge P Grant your Code Injector further access with a Deep File Scan. (Special Requirement)
311 Daily Tester P Continually update your Vulnerability Tester with a Security Updater (Special Requirement)
312 Jagged Knuckles A Make some Brass Knuckles more vicious with Scorched Glass Shards
313 Jagged Baton A Prepare a Riot Baton for street warfare with some Scorched Glass Shards
314 Black Glass Heart C Infuse a Sludge Heart with some Powdered Glass
315 Blown Glass Trinket C Melt two piles of Powdered Glass into a bauble
316 Sugary Eclipse Q Carefully filter an Eclipse through two Over/Unders from the Happy Hour
317 Eclipse Whiskey Q Heat a Bottle of Whiskey and dissolve three Eclipse in it
318 Core Formatter Q Build your own Core Formatter using a mesh of four Signal Analysis Circuits and four Thick Cablings around the central unit, made from a Gold Processor and two Unformatted Memory Cores (3 Energy)
319 Juryrigged Bridge Q Construct a temporary neural bridge from a Safety Loop, two Frayed Cables, and some Circuit Fragments.
320 Biofeedback Vest Q Rig an Unlined Vest for realistic biofeedback with two Capacitor Arrays and two Biomonitor Circuits.
321 Data Scrubber Q Widen the scope of a Code Injector with a Quick Scan and a Deep File Scan
322 Mimetic Sheet Q Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel, two Gold Foils, and four Formatted Memory Cores
323 Mimetic Vest A Complete an Unlined Vest with a Mimetic Sheet
324 Mimetic Pants A Fill some Unlined Pants with a Mimetic Sheet
325 Mimetic Gang Jacket A Blend circuit and leather by adding a Mimetic Sheet to your Gang Jacket
326 Enhanced Firework C Add a bit of Nitro to your Legal Firework
327 Twin Firework C Fuse two Enhanced Fireworks together
328 Gold Firework C Make an Enhanced Firework even more festive with some Gold Foil
329 Dangerous Firework C Push an Enhanced Firework over the top with some White Flakes
330 Tendril Drops Q Process down some Withered Tendrils into soothing drops
331 Mollusk Strip S Deshell and divide a Fresh Mollusk
332 Mollusk Sushi S Cut and drape a Fresh Mollusk over Sushi Rice
333 Mollusk Roll S Cut and wrap a Fresh Mollusk in some Sushi Nori
334 Darter Sashimi S Slice up a Silver Darter
335 Darter Sushi S Arrange some Silver Darter on Sushi Rice
336 Silver Roll S Wrap some Silver Darter in Sushi Nori
337 Cut of Tentacle S Slice out the tenderest parts of a Massive Tentacle
338 Tentacle Sushi S Find some edible parts of a Massive Tentacle to arrange with Sushi Rice
339 Kraken Roll S Wrap the edible parts of a Massive Tentacle in Sushi Nori
340 Kraken's Heart C Imprint a Sludge Heart with Kraken Ink
341 Industrial Heart C Infuse a Kraken's Heart with a Border Slammer
342 Weeping Heart C Soak a Kraken's Heart in a Flask of Tears
343 Gilt Heart C Crush some Gold Foil into a Kraken's Heart
344 Argent Heart C Coat a Silver Ingot with a Kraken's Heart
345 Hidden Heart A Add a Shining Ingot core to an Argent Heart
346 Shadowy Heart A Fuse a Black Silver Ingot to an Argent Heart
347 Squirming Heart C Give Withered Tendrils new life in a Kraken's Heart
348 Inky Sapphire C Soak a Water Sapphire in Kraken Ink
349 Inky Eclipse C Mix some Kraken Ink into Liquified Eclipse
350 Fused Breastplate A Shape Fused Polysteel around an Unlined Vest
351 Fused Plates A Piece together armor from Fused Polysteel and some Unlined Pants
352 Fused Blade A Add a blade of Fused Polysteel to a Sword Hilt
353 Fused Pistol A Shape some Fused Polysteel and add Pistol Fittings
354 Sloppy Decompiler P Corrupt a Decompiler with some Fractal Code
355 Chaotic Firewall P Add the element of chance to a Software Firewall using some Fractal Code
356 Chaotic Tester P Add chaos to a Vulnerability Tester using some Fractal Code
357 Fractal Loop P Run some Fractal Code through an Automation Routine
358 Unsettling Loop P Twist a Fractal Loop with another layer of Fractal Code
359 Fractal Cheat P Inject some Fractal Code into Optimizing Code
360 Brilliant Spark C Force two Flickering Sparks together
361 Tamed Fire C Join two Brilliant Sparks
362 Fractal Tester P Join a Fractal Loop to a Chaotic Tester (Special Requirement)
363 Channeled Emitter E Focus an Unstable Emitter with a Magnetic Coil
364 Shielded Emitter A Contain a Channeled Emitter with a Steel Ingot
365 Stable Emitter A Line a Shielded Emitter with some Metallic Powder
366 Wired Chamber E Prepare an Incomplete Chamber with a bit of Thick Cabling
367 Protein Analyzer E Put the finishing touches on an Inactive Analyzer with a Processor Chip
368 Mock Y5 E Slot another Memory Stick into an Unused Y4, just like Midgard
369 Refitted Y4 E Remake an Unused Y4 with a Twitch Controller
370 Petrol Sludge C Melt down an Oily Spear with some Powerful Acid
371 Sparkling Eclipse C Spike some Liquified Eclipse with potent Eclipse Residue
372 Smoking Eclipse C Mix some Fine Hound Dust into your Sparkling Eclipse
373 Ghoul Elixir C Infuse some Ghoul Protein with Sparkling Eclipse
374 Fleshy Coins C Corrupt some Chocolate Gelt with Ghoul Protein
375 Charged Golem Heart E Energize a Trash Golem Heart with Shivering Capacitors
376 Charged Sludge Heart E Attach Shivering Capacitors to a Sludge Heart
377 Shorted TV E Overload a Antique Plasma TV with Shivering Capacitors
378 Crackling Injector E Complete an Uncharged Injector with Shivering Capacitors
379 Shivering Cable E Charge some Thick Cabling with Shivering Capacitors
380 Writhing Cable E Invigorate some Thick Cabling with two sets of Shivering Capacitors (2 Energy)
381 Polar Cable E Charge one end of Thick Cabling with a Capacitor Array and the other with Shivering Capacitors (2 Energy)
382 Burning Ectoplasm C Start an unstable reaction between an Ectoplasmic Sample and Fine Hound Dust
383 Plasmic Acid C Dissolve some Burning Ectoplasm in Fuming Acid
384 Poltergeist Solution C Dissolve a Trash Golem Heart in Plasmic Acid
385 Poltergeist Solution C Infuse some Plasmic Acid with the essence of a Sludge Heart
386 Poltergeist Solution C Extract the charge from Shivering Capacitors with Plasmic Acid
387 Quivering Steel C Infuse a Steel Ingot with Poltergeist Solution
388 Writhing Spear C Animate a Fungus Spear with Poltergeist Solution
389 Smoking Blob C Set off a Charred Blob with some Fine Hound Dust
390 Fiery Blob C Add some Burning Ectoplasm to a Smoking Blob
391 Putrid Blob C Mix a Mass of Guano into a Smoking Blob for some reason
392 Crystal Syringe C Smooth out some Fine Hound Dust with Ease
393 Mass of Squid Eyes C Encase some Squid Eyes in Ink Extract
394 Sea Sapphire C Infuse a Water Sapphire with some Ink Extract
395 Porous Crystal C Crystallize a Charred Blob with some Hound Eclipse
396 Oily Balm C Add a drop of Toxic Oil to some Tendril Ointment
397 Toxic Bandage C Coat an Omnitech Trauma Bandage in Toxic Oil
398 Virulent Cell Sample C Add more Toxic Oil to a Mutant Cell Sample
399 Writhing Cell Sample C Create an abomination with Eclipse Residue and a Virulent Cell Sample
400 Virulent Cell Culture C Feed your Virulent Cell Sample some Agar Powder
401 Warring Samples C Brew violence in a jar with a Virulent Cell Culture and Nightmare Fuel
402 Ghoul Cell Culture C Temper your Warring Samples with some Ghoul Protein
403 Spider Cell Culture C Twist your Warring Samples with some Spider Ash
404 Tendril Culture C Just one more drop of Toxic Oil in your Warring Samples
405 Shivering Cell Culture C Drop some Shivering Capacitors into your Warring Samples
406 Protein Loop P Set an Automation Routine to examine the Protein Database
407 Protein Reader P Expand a Protein Loop with a File Interface
408 Protein Hijacker P Feed a Protein Reader through a Code Injector
409 Protein Receiver P Set a Protein Loop to search with a Network Interpreter
410 Concentrated Venom C Liven up a Spider Venom Sample with some Spider Ash
411 Fuming Acid C Add some Bat Guano to Powerful Acid
412 Mushrooms C Fertilize some Black Spores with Bat Guano
413 Mass of Guano C Mix a Putrid Mass and some Bat Guano
414 Fuming Acids C Dissolve a Mass of Guano in Powerful Acid
415 Quivering Sword A Affix a Quivering Steel blade to a Sword Hilt
416 Quivering Switchblade A Fix a Switchblade Handle with a Quivering Steel blade
417 Haunted Bat A Encase a Refurbished Baseball Bat in Quivering Steel
418 Quivering Rifle A Forge some Quivering Steel with Assault Rifle Fittings
419 Dancing Blade A Add some Quivering Steel to a Silver Blade
420 Squid Nest Roll S Hide a Mass of Squid Eyes in some Sushi Nori
421 Serpent's Staff C Infuse a Shaman Staff with a Serpent Venom Gland
422 Concentrated Venom C Boil down two Serpent Venom Glands
423 Concentrated Venom C Mix a Serpent Venom Gland and a Spider Venom Sample for a more potent toxin
424 Crisped Bat Wing E Perform some impromptu cooking with a Bat Wing and a Capacitor Array
425 Twitching Bat Wing E Reanimate a Bat Wing with some Shivering Capacitors
426 Shining Barrier P Reinforce a Software Firewall with Orderly Code
427 Crystal Tester P Feed a Vulnerability Tester through some Orderly Code
428 Blackthorn v6 P Let a Security Updater do its job on Blackthorn v5 (Special Requirement)
429 Blackthorn Alpha P Integrate an Updating Firewall with Blackthorn v6 (Special Requirement)
430 Crystal Blackthorn P Weave Crystal Tester software into Blackthorn v6 (Special Requirement)
431 Reinforced Cloth A Back Tough Cloth with some Polysteel
432 Steel Scrap A Fuse a Steel Ingot onto some Tough Cloth
433 Hardened Cloth A Upgrade some Tough Cloth with Hardened Plastic
434 Improvised Ballistic Cloth A Do your best with Tough Cloth and Ballistic Plastic
435 Black Silver Cloth A Infuse a Black Cloth Scrap with a Black Silver Ingot
436 Shining Cloth A Coat Tough Cloth with a Shining Ingot
437 Slimy Cloth A Drench Tough Cloth in Reactive Gel
438 Spiked Cloth A Back Stone Spider Chitin with a Black Cloth Scrap
439 Spiked Cloth A Stud a Black Cloth Scrap with Scorched Glass Shards
440 Midgard Protector P Complete a Midgard Protection Suite with Midgard Internal Code (Special Requirement)
441 Midgard Shrieker P Twist a Network Jammer with some Midgard Internal Code (Special Requirement)
442 Midgard Tester P Affix some Midgard Internal Code to a Vulnerability Tester (Special Requirement)
443 Midgard Blackthorn P Further expand a Blackthorn v6 using Midgard Internal Code (Special Requirement)
444 Black Silver Chain A Repair and decorate a Pitted Chain with a Black Silver Ingot
445 Reinforced Chain A Resurface a Pitted Chain with a Steel Ingot
446 Vicious Chain A Stud a Pitted Chain with some Scorched Glass Shards
447 Sulfur C Dissolve Mottled Crystals in Grain Alcohol
448 Bone Edged Chain A Line a Pitted Chain with some Bone Flakes
449 Bone Gang Jacket A Show everyone who's boss by adding Bone Flakes to your Gang Jacket
450 Bone Rounds A Load some Bone Flakes into an Empty Clip
451 Fake Skull Mask A Add some Bone Flakes to a Paper Mask
452 Purple Tea C Steep two sets of Black Petals
453 Infused Petals C Steep some Black Petals in Liquified Eclipse
454 Sparkling Petals C Coat Black Petals in Sparkling Eclipse
455 Rose Balm C Soak Black Petals in some Tendril Ointment
459 Improbable Gun C Service a Rusted Gun with some Refined Petrol
460 Oily Sashimi S Open up an Eyeless Eel
461 Oily Sushi S Prop up some Eyeless Eel with Sushi Rice
462 Oily Roll S Roll an Eyeless Eel with Sushi Nori
472 Wetsuit Top A Fit some Wetsuit Fabric around an Unlined Vest
473 Wetsuit Pants A Stretch some Wetsuit Fabric into the frame of Unlined Pants
474 Gang Scuba A Stretch some Wetsuit Fabric over a Gang Jacket
475 Aquatic Jumpjet A Seal an Unshielded Jumpjet with Wetsuit Fabric
476 Layered Aquatic Fabric A Melt Wetsuit Fabric onto Tough Cloth
477 Staring Octopus Eye C Inject Nightmare Fuel into an Octopus Eye
478 Crystallized Octopus Eye C Soak an Octopus Eye in Hound Eclipse
479 Toxic Octopus Eye C Wash an Octopus Eye with Toxic Tears
480 Shark Sashimi S Cut pieces from a Shark Fillet
481 Shark Sushi S Prepare a Shark Fillet and Sushi Rice into delicious sushi
482 Shark Roll S Roll your Shark Fillet in Sushi Nori
483 Focused Needler E Tighten a Needler Rifle's arc with another Magnetic Coil
484 crackling coil E Feed a Shorted Cable through a Magnetic Coil
485 magnetic sidearm E Add a Targeting Circuit and Magnetic Coil to an Executive Sidearm (2 Energy)
486 Retrofitted Needler E Update an Antique Needler with a new Magnetic Coil
487 Quivering Needler E Refit a Quivering Rifle with a Magnetic Coil
488 Optical Visor E Fit a Security Visor with an Optical Array
489 optical HUD E Upgrade a Black Ops HUD with a new Optical Array
490 Optical Rangefinder E Expand your Rangefinder with an Optical Array
491 Optical Bracelet E Complete a Rangefinder with an Optical Array and some Thick Cabling for stability (2 Energy)
492 Passthrough Visor E Pierce the darkness of a Blast Visor with an Optical Array
493 Optical Sidearm E Link an Executive Sidearm with an Optical Array and a Signal Analysis Circuit (2 Energy)
494 Magnetic Coil Q Charge two coils of Thick Cabling with a Capacitor Array
495 Optical Array Q Interface four Optical Sensors through a Signal Analysis Circuit and a Targeting Circuit for control
496 Arrayed Scope E Pack a Basic Scope with an Optical Array
497 Optical Clip E Overload a Long Clip with an Optical Array
498 Optical Needler E Expand a Needler Rifle with an Optical Array
499 Optical Vest E Stud a Light Armored Vest with an Optical Array
500 Optimized Targeter P Do your best to apply some Optimizing Code to a Targeting Algorithm (Special Requirement)
501 cracked spores C Free some Rocky Spores with Aqua Regia
502 gold Midgard Player E Upgrade an Unlocked Midgard Player with a Gold Processor
503 unlocked Midgard Player E Unlock a Midgard Player by replacing its locked processor with a normal Processor Chip
504 monitored Midgard Player E Replace an Unlocked Midgard Player's sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit
505 pearl liquor C Dissolve a Lake Pearl in Grain Alcohol
506 dissolved pearl C Let a Massive Pearl set in Grain Alcohol
507 gold pearl C Wrap a Lake Pearl in Gold Foil
508 Tooth and Liquor C Submerge a Pearled Shark Tooth in Grain Alcohol
509 black liquor C Dissolve some Black Pearls in Grain Alcohol
510 Tooth and Liquor C Strip a Black Shark Tooth in Grain Alcohol
511 Black Pearl Sludge C Submerge a Black Pearl in Grain Alcohol
512 Cultured Pearl C Expand a Black Pearl with Black Pearl Sludge
513 Black Crystal Orb C Imprint some Black Pearl Sludge with Fine Hound Dust
514 Petrol Sludge C Destroy a Sludge Heart with a Pearled Shark Tooth
515 Hunter's Heart C Fuse a Black Shark Tooth with a Sludge Heart
516 Clam Cut S Divvy up a hunk of Clam Meat
517 Clam Sushi S Arrange Clam Meat cuts over some Sushi Rice
518 Giant Clam Roll S Wrap a hunk of Clam Meat in Sushi Nori
519 Draught of Breath Q Condense two Fragile Puffballs using some Powerful Acid
521 Aqua Regia C Combine Powerful Acid and Fuming Acid in a time-honored rite
522 Chloroauric Acid C Dissolve some Gold Foil in Aqua Regia
523 Chloroauric Acid C Suspend Gold Powder in Aqua Regia
524 Achromatic Metal Powder C Purify an Achromatic Mass in Aqua Regia
525 Achromatic Ingot C Melt two samples of Achromatic Metal Powder into an ingot
526 Achromatic Metal Powder C Use Aqua Regia to break down an Achromatic Ingot
527 Achromatic Heart C Infuse a Sludge Heart with Achromatic Metal Powder
528 Achromatic Mask A Overlay a Paper Mask with an Achromatic Ingot
529 Achromatic Rifle A Form an Achromatic Ingot around Assault Rifle Fittings
530 Achromatic Blade A Affix an Achromatic Ingot to a Sword Hilt
531 Achromatic Vest A Complete an Unlined Vest with an Achromatic Ingot
532 Achromatic Slacks A Fill out some Unlined Pants with an Achromatic Ingot
533 Shark Hide Vest A Stiffen an Unlined Vest with Cured Shark Hide
534 Shark Hide Pants A Wrap Unlined Pants in Cured Shark Hide
535 Shark Hide Jacket A Make your Gang Jacket even more hardcore with some Cured Shark Hide
536 Shark Hide Baton A Wrap a Riot Baton in Cured Shark Hide
537 Gold Firework C Spice up an Enhanced Firework with Gold Powder
538 Grain Alcohol Q Distill out the alcohol of one Whiskey Bottle
539 Polysteel Q Break down an old surplus Riot Baton with some Powerful Acid
541 Doll Head M Roll some Paper Mache
542 Paper Boat M Fold two piles of Paper Mache
543 Paper Mask M Spread three piles of Paper Mache on your face
544 Pinata M Forge together five piles of Paper Mache
545 Paper Cast M Prepare six piles of Paper Mache
546 Giant Paper Mache Head M Sculpt ten piles of Paper Mache
547 Megapinata M Sculpt a giant pile of Paper Mache
548 Polysteel Support R Melt together eight handfuls of Polysteel into a support pole
549 Summer and Winter Coins C Break down a Solstice Coin with Plasmic Acid
550 Autumn and Spring Coins C Break down an Equinox Coin with Plasmic Acid
551 Four Coins C Break down a Coin of the Seasons with Plasmic Acid
552 Viral Interpreter P Tune a Network Interpreter with Viral Code
553 Viral Search P Let some Viral Code coopt your Target Search
554 Antiviral Patch P Arm some Security Patches against Viral Code
555 Protein Seeder P Adapt a Protein Loop to feed through some Viral Code
556 Viral Injector P Add a Viral Code payload to a Code Injector
558 Cleaned Data P Disinfect a Viral Mass with an Antiviral Patch
559 Viral Formatter P Expand your Viral Injector with a Viral Mass (Special Requirement)
560 Viral Code P Homogenize a Viral Mass with basic Viral Data
561 Viral Filter P Rebuild a Decompiler around a Viral Mass
562 Maddening Search P Replace the basic seed in Viral Search with a Viral Mass
563 Dish Segment A Resurface a Battered Dish Segment with a Steel Ingot
564 Comm Dish R Construct a comm dish for your gang from forty Dish Segments, four Polysteel Supports, four Magnetic Coils, a Buffered PDA running Signal Finder, and a Comm Dish Core (10 Energy)
565 Personal Comm Dish R Construct it from four Dish Segments, a Magnetic Coil, a Buffered PDA running Signal Finder, and a Comm Dish Core (5 Energy)
566 Sculpted Glass Virus R Melt and shape six piles of Powdered Glass into an artistic representation
567 Shining Mirror Shard M Fuse two empty shards
568 Mislit Apple M Release a Reflected Apple with an Empty Shard
569 Mislit Snake Skin M Open the way for some Reflected Scales using an Empty Shard
570 Mislit Fish M Trap a Reflected Fish with an Empty Shard
571 Mislit Wolf Tooth M Extract a Reflected Wolf Tooth with an Empty Shard
572 Mislit Torch M Free the Reflected Torch with an Empty Shard
573 Mislit Flower M Let a Reflected Flower fall through an Empty Shard
574 Mislit Rusted Sword M Pull the Reflected Sword from the Empty Shard
575 Mislit Mushroom M Pluck a Mushroom Shard through an Empty Shard
576 Mislit Mask M Unveil a Reflected Mask with an Empty Shard
577 Mislit Strands M Pull a Reflected Strand through an Empty Shard
578 Loose Eyeball M Pluck out a Staring Shard's eye through an Empty Shard
579 Restored Pistol A Clean up a Filthy Pistol and replace the Polysteel
580 Reforged Pistol A Overhaul a Restored Pistol with a Steel Ingot
581 Assisted Pistol E Update a Restored Pistol with a Targeting Circuit
582 Tinker's Pistol E Hybridize an old Reforged Pistol with a new Targeting Circuit
583 Mirror-Handled Pistol A Fit your Restored Pistol with a Shining Mirror Shard
584 Postapocalyptic Spear A Make your Riot Baton into a primitive weapon with a Shining Mirror Shard
585 Mirror Heart Vest A Fit a Shining Mirror Shard to your Unlined Vest
586 Staring Eyeball C Dunk a Loose Eyeball in Nightmare Fuel
587 Toxic Eyeball C Soak a Loose Eyeball in Toxic Tears
588 Rolling Eyeball C Animate a Loose Eyeball with Poltergeist Solution
589 Apple Rotgut C Flavor some Grain Alcohol with a Mislit Apple
590 Ruby Apple C Crystallize a Mislit Apple with Hound Eclipse
592 Bleeding Wolf Tooth C Slather a Mislit Wolf Tooth with Nightmare Fuel
594 Crystal Hound's Tooth C Steep a Mislit Wolf Tooth in Hound Eclipse
595 Mislit Sashimi S See if a Mislit Fish is strange all the way through
596 Mislit Nigiri S Drape some strange Mislit Fish over Sushi Rice
597 Mirror Roll S Use some Sushi Nori to conceal Mislit Fish
598 Interlocked Scales C Fuse Loose Scales onto Mislit Snake Skin
599 Serpent Powder C Dissolve a Mislit Snake Skin in Aqua Regia
601 Flower Distillate C Dissolve some Black Petals togther with a Mislit Flower
602 Flower Ointment C Add a Mislit Flower to some Tendril Ointment
603 Mislit Hand C Paint a Shriveled Hand with crushed Mislit Mushroom
604 Shaman's Oil C Boil down a Shaman Staff and a Mislit Mushroom
605 Crawling Strands C Stir Nightmare Fuel into your Mislit Strands
606 Serpent's Strand C Infuse Serpent's Powder into your Mislit Strands
607 Black Strands C Cover your Mislit Strands with Ink Extract
609 silvered shield A Melt a Silver Ingot over a Midgard Riot Shield
610 mirror gang jacket A Add a Shining Mirror Shard to the inside of a Gang Jacket
611 Arrayed Cybereye E Install an Optical Array into an Empty Cybereye
612 Analyzing Cybereye E Focus an Empty Cybereye with a Signal Analysis Circuit
613 Targeting Cybereye E Drop a Targeting Circuit into an Empty Cybereye
614 Shivering Cybereye E Load up an Empty Cybereye with Shivering Capacitors
615 Selective Mesh E Route a Neural Mesh through a Signal Analysis Circuit
616 Bridging Mesh E Integrate a Neural Bridge into a Neural Mesh
617 Memory Mesh E Slot a Formatted Memory Core into a Neural Mesh
618 Twitch Mesh E Expand a Twitch Controller through a Neural Mesh
619 Neural Mesh Q Arrange two Biomonitor Circuits, two Signal Buffers, and five Artificial Neural Fibers
620 Search Integrator P See what your Network Integrator makes of a Viral Search (Special Requirement)
621 Recursive Integrator P Twist a Network Integrator onto another and see what happens (Special Requirement)
622 Integrated File Scan P Take a Deep File Scan to the next level with a Recursive Integrator
623 Signal Triangulator P Adjust a Network Interpreter to understand a Recursive Integrator
624 Unstable Integrator P What's more recursive than integrating a Recursive Integrator with another Recursive Integrator?
625 Decompiling Integrator P Turn an Unstable Integrator into a plug-in for your Decompiler
626 Integrated Injector P Load an Unstable Integrator into a Viral Injector
627 Integrated GangFinder P Expand a GangFinder with an Unstable Integrator
628 Collapsed Integrator P Collapse an Unstable Integrator at the heart of another Unstable Integrator
629 Handheld Core E R Build hardware from a Expanded Handheld, a Comm Dish Core, a magnetic coil, and eight signal buffers around a Collapsed Integrator (5 Energy)
630 Knuckle Charm M Thread three Knuckle Bones
631 Knuckle Necklace M Collect nine Knuckle Bones
632 Knuckle Strands M String up twenty seven Knuckle Bones
633 Nightmare Fuel x 2-4? C Dip a Paper Mache Horn in Aqua Regia
634 Nightmare Fuel x 2-4 C Dissolve a Scorched Gem in Aqua Regia
635 Reconstructed Doll M Match a Headless Doll with a Doll Head
636 Festival Doll M Attach your Festival Doll Head to a Doll Body
637 Hungry Doll M Affix a Twisted Doll Head to a Headless Doll
638 Twisted Voodoo Doll M Give a Headless Voodoo Doll a Twisted Doll Head
639 Devil Mask M Shape three piles of Paper Mache as a canvas for your Nightmarish Paint Set (1 Energy)
640 Monstrous Pinata M Create a monstrosity from fifty Paper Mache and a Nightmarish Paint Set (1 Energy)
641 Festival Mask M Three parts Paper Mache, one part Glittering Paint Set (1 Energy)
642 Festive Doll Head M Apply a Glittering Paint Set to some Paper Mache (1 Energy)
643 Twisted Doll Head M Imbed Ghoul Teeth in some Paper Mache
644 Nightmarish Paint Set C Taint a Children's Paint Set with Nightmare Fuel
645 Glittering Paint Set C Spice up a Children's Paint Set with Gold Powder
646 Homemade Laser R Charge an Artificial Hound Crystal with a Capacitor Array, then reflect it between a Shining Ingot and a Black Silver Ingot backed with some Powdered Glass. Then encase the works in Polysteel. (5 Energy)
647 Dual Laser E Remount one Homemade Laser in another's case
648 Laser Projector E Rebuild three Homemade Lasers into one stationary unit (2 Energy)
649 Holographic Projector E Focus three Homemade Lasers through a Double Crystal (3 Energy)
650 Laser Projector E Repair a Charred Projector by replacing a Homemade Laser
651 Crocodile Shield A Line a Midgard Riot Shield with an Albino Crocodile Hide
652 Crocodile Hide Jacket A Rework a Gang Jacket's leather with an Albino Crocodile Hide
653 Crocodile Pants A Reinforce some Unlined Pants with an Albino Crocodile Hide
654 Glimmering Crystal Solitaire C Unite a Glimmering Crystal Half with a Glimmering Crystal Hunk
655 Glimmering Crystal Slab C Return a Glimmering Crystal Point to the rest of the Glimmering Crystal Piece
656 Glimmering Crystals C Fuse a Glimmering Crystal Solitaire to a Glimmering Crystal Slab
657 Glimmering Crystal Fragment M Assemble 10 Glimmering Crystal Chips
658 Glimmering Crystal Hunk C Drizzle Fuming Acid on an Albino Crocodile Hide
659 Glimmering Crystal Chip C Carefully dissolve an Albino Crocodile Hide with Aqua Regia
660 Glimmering Crystal Half C Etch a Shocking Organ with Fuming Acid
661 Glimmering Crystal Chip C Dissolve a Sparking Organ in Aqua Regia
662 Glimmering Crystal Piece C Submerge an Ancient Timepiece in Fuming Acid
663 Glimmering Crystal Chip C Lower an Ancient Timepiece into Aqua Regia
664 Glimmering Crystal Point C Pour some Fuming Acid over a Gauzy Parasol
665 Glimmering Crystal Chip C Feed a Gauzy Parasol to Aqua Regia
666 Shocking Syringe C Charge some Ease with a Shocking Organ
667 Sparking Staff C Charge a Shaman Staff with a Sparking Organ
668 Shaky Manhole Shield A Fuse some Polysteel handles to a Manhole Cover
669 Manhole Cover Shield A Add handles forged from a Steel Ingot to a Manhole Cover
670 Glimmering Crystal Eye E Fit an Empty Cybereye with Glimmering Crystals
671 Glimmering HUD E Fit Glimmering Crystals into a Black Ops HUD
672 Sparkling Ink C Mix some Octopus Ink into Sparkling Eclipse
673 Brick Apple M Cover a core of Toy Bricks with a Toy Brick skin
674 Brick Knuckles M Piece together five sets of Toy Bricks
675 Brick Figure M Model a human with twenty-five sets of Toy Bricks
676 Brick House M Construct your dream home with ten sets of Toy Bricks
677 Eye of the Earth Serpent E Integrate a Tear of the Earth into an Empty Cybereye
678 Heart of the Earth Serpent E Bury a Tear of the Earth inside a Living Sludge Heart
679 Glass Salamander C Imprint Hound Dust in a Cave Salamander
680 Cleaned Cavefish S Dissect an Eyeless Fish
681 Glass Roll S Tuck an Eyeless Fish in some Sushi Nori
682 Containment Helmet A Expand a Gas Mask with Sealant Patches
683 Containment Helmet A Patch a Cracked Containment Helmet with Sealant Patches
684 Containment Suit Top A Refurbish a Ripped Containment Top with Sealant Patches
685 Containment Suit Top A Use an Unlined Vest as the base for Sealant Patches
686 Containment Suit Top A Reseal an Unsealed Top with Sealant Patches
687 Containment Suit Pants A Repair your Ripped Containment Pants with Sealant Patches
688 Containment Suit Pants A Upgrade Unlined Pants with Sealant Patches
689 Containment Suit Pants A Restore Unsealed Pants with Sealant Patches
690 Heavy Containment Helmet A Line your Containment Helmet with Metallic Powder
691 Heavy Containment Pants A Fill your Containment Suit Pants with Metallic Powder
692 Heavy Containment Top A Line your Containment Suit Top with Metallic Powder
693 Rag Man Hologram [gain 2] E Seperate a Solid Rag Man Hologram with Glimmering Crystals
694 Shark Hologram [gain 2] E Filter a Solid Shark Hologram through Glimmering Crystals
695 Mummy Hologram [gain 2] E Unravel a Solid Mummy Hologram with Glimmering Crystals
696 Skull Hologram [gain 2] E Break a Solid Skull Hologram with Glimmering Crystals
697 Spider Hologram [gain 2] E Reflect a Solid Spider Hologram with Glimmering Crystals
698 Writhing Hologram [gain 2] E Divide a Solid Writhing Hologram with Glimmering Crystals
700 Paint Injector C Slip a Painted Star into an Empty Injector
701 Gunman Hologram [gain 2] E Crack a Solid Gunman Hologram with Dual Crystals
702 Personal Ointment C Add some Personal Serum to Tendril Ointment
703 Personal Eclipse C Spike your Personal Serum with Liquified Eclipse
704 Serum Mushroom C Inject a Shaman Staff with Personal Serum
705 Living Hand C Revive a Shriveled Hand with Personal Serum
706 Serum Eyedrops C Reconstitute Dehydrated Eyedrops with Personal Serum
707 Snowman Head Ornament C Preserve a Snowman Head with Powdered Glass
709 Remote Crash Script P Extend a Crash Script with Networking Functions
710 Network Defender P Complete a Filtering Script with Networking Functions
711 Remote Command Script P Impliment a Command Script with Networking Functions
712 Remote Indexer P Run a Search Script through Networking Functions
713 Crash Script P Q Write four Snippets of Code into a Crash Script
714 Filtering Script P Q Create a Filtering Script from four Snippets of Code
715 Command Script P Q Write four Snippets of Code into a Command Script
716 Search Script P Q Combine four Snippets of Code into a Search Script
717 Updated Crash Script P Integrate Novos System Updates into a Remote Crash Script
718 Updated Defender P Reinforce a Network Defender with Novos System Updates
719 Experimental Command Script P Rework a Remote Command Script with Novos Functionality Updates
720 Experimental Indexer P Improve a Remote Indexer with Novos Functionality Updates
721 Security Interface P Explore Novos System Updates with Networking Functions
722 Functionality Interface P Impliment Novos System Updates over Networking Functions
723 Sprouting Slime C Let a Brick Slime feast on some Vine Sprout
724 Sprouting Slime C Feed a Brick Slime some Sea Vine
725 Vitalized Fungus C Feed Sprouting Slime, in turn, to Vine Fungus
726 Vine Spear C Grow a Vine Sprout up a Fungus Spear
727 Mold Heart C Imprint a Trash Golem Heart with Brick Slime
728 Mold Heart C Pump Brick Slime through your Sludge Heart
729 Mold Culture C Introduce a Mold Heart to your Warring Samples
731 Sargasso Vine C Drench a length of Sea Vine in an Ectoplasmic Sample
732 Soaked Vine Fungus C Soak some Vine Fungus in Liquified Eclipse
733 Fractal Interface P Twist Networking Functions through Fractal Code
735 Fractal Templates P Expand a Fractal Interface with further Fractal Code
735 Fractal Crash Script P Complicate a Remote Crash Script with Fractal Code
736 Fractal Defender P Warp a Network Defender with Fractal Code
737 Fractal Commander P Expand a Network Command Script with Fractal Code
738 Fractal Indexer P Revamp a Remote Indexer with Fractal Code
739 Secured Transmission Functions P Q Combine six Snippets of Code into Secured Transmission Functions
740 Spectrum Command Script P Spread a Command Script with Spectrum Transmission Functions
741 Spectrum Downloader P Feed data from Spectrum Transmission Functions through a Search Script
742 Spectrum Crash Script P Shout a Crash Script through Spectrum Transmission Functions
743 Secure Command Script P Protect your Command Script with Secured Transmission Functions
744 Secured Indexer P Wrap your Search Script in Secured Transmission Functions
745 Secured Filter P Reinforce your Filtering Script with Secured Transmission Functions
746 Spectrum Transmission Functions P Q Create Spectrum Transmission Functions from six Snippets of Code
747 Frag Grenades A Attach some Scorched Glass Shards to an Unmarked Grenades very carefully
748 Frag Grenades A Add Polysteel shrapnel to your Unmarked Grenades
749 Steel Clad Rocket A Wrap a Steel Ingot around a Microrocket
750 Juryrigged Rocket A Add Scorched Glass Shards to your Microrocket
751 Incendiary Grenades C Q Top off your Unmarked Grenades with two piles of White Flakes NEEDS CONFIRMATION
752 Unmarked Grenades C Liven up your Gas Grenades with a stick of Dynamite
753 Unmarked Grenades C Arm your Gas Grenades with Nitro
754 Nitro C Q Extract the Nitro from four Gas Grenades
755 Smoky Firework C Attach some Gas Grenades to your Enhanced Firework
756 Juryrigged Antenna E Wire a Signal Analysis Circuit into Thick Cabling
758 Staring Blade Program P Affix Staring Code to a Remote Crash Script
759 Staring Shield Program P Reformat your Network Defender with Staring Code
760 Staring Gauntlet Program P Fuse your Staring Code to a Remote Command Script
761 Staring Eye Program P Run your Remote Indexer through Staring Code
762 Reinforced Kitchen Knife A Layer an Old Kitchen Knife with some new Polysteel
763 Steel Knife A Replace an Old Kitchen Knife's blade using a Steel Ingot
767 Crash Avoidance Filtering P Q Temporarily tune into drones' crash avoidance with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
768 Alliance Filtering P Q Temporarily filter out non-Alliance drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
769 Midgard Shipping Filtering P Q Temporarily tune out drones other than Midgard Shipping with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
770 OmniLunch Filtering P Q Temporarily tune into OmniLunch drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
771 Silver Courier Filtering P Q Temporarily select for Silver Courier drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
772 NickOTime Filtering P Q Temporarily catch NickOTime drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
773 Hologame Tome M Reformat four sets of Page Models
774 Rendered Bullet A Melt Rendered Stone into an Empty Clip
775 Animatronic Snake E Animate your Articulated Snake with an Animatronic Motor
776 Foam Brick Wall M Q Mortar together ten Foam Bricks with a Foam Tube
777 Courier Data E Crack a Locked Courier Chip with a simple Signal Analysis Circuit
779 Stable Emitter A Coat a Shielded Emitter with Lead
780 Metallic Powder C Grind Lead with Fine Hound Dust
781 Leaden Knuckles A Weight some Brass Knuckles down with Lead
782 Leaded Baton A Fill a Riot Baton with Lead
783 Lead Bullets A Fill an Empty Clip with old-fashioned Lead
784 Lead Vest A Insert Lead into an Unlined Vest
785 Oldtown Retinal Map E Extract data from Midgard Records id to a Signal Processing Circuit
786 Midgard Records Cybereye E Load Oldtown retinal data into an Empty Cybereye
788 Inhuman Security Patch P Obfuscate Novos System Updates with Inhuman Code
789 Inhuman Defender P Try a different tack on Network Defenders with an Inhuman Security Patch
790 Chipped Tracers AQ Trace your bullets with an Empty Clip and Targeting Circuit
791 Tactical Neural Mesh EQ Link your tactical goggles with two Targeting Circuits and three Artificial Neural Fibers
792 Fuming Acid C Sprinkle some Plant Residue in Powerful Acid
793 Ashen Balm C Mix Plant Residue into Tendril Ointment
794 Boar Pinata M Artistically craft a pile of paper mache
795 Harvest Command Script P Redecorate a Remote Command Script with the Harvester Library
796 Harvest Crash Script P Brand a Remote Crash Script with the Harvester Library
797 Harvest Defender P Layer the Harvester Library into a Network Defender
798 Vault Bypass EQ Use Thick Cabling to wire a Signal Analysis Circuit and two Circuit Fragments for this task.
799 Cup of Joe M Make up some Coffee Crystals (Special Requirement)
800 Fair Coffee M Brew up some Fair Trade Grounds (Special Requirement)
801 Fortified Coffee M Mix up some Fortified Coffee Grounds (Special Requirement)
802 Fortified Coffee Grounds C Mix up some Fortified Coffee Grounds
803 Lattes! Instant Latte M Hydrate some Lattes! Latte Powder (Special Requirement)
804 Stolen Coffee Pot E Repair a Cordless Coffee Pot with some Thick Cabling
805 Medicinal Draught C Crush a Maze Fang into the Clear Draught
806 Glowing Draught C Solidify your Medicinal Draught with Fine Hound Dust
807 Unstable Draught C Dissolve White Flakes in the Clear Draught
808 Unstable Draught C Mix Nitro into the Clear Draught
809 Survivors' Eclipse Sheet C Soak a Survivors' Origami Sheet with Liquified Eclipse
810 Survivors' Origami Shirt A Expand your Unlined Vest with an Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
811 Survivors' Origami Pants A Cover your Unlined Pants with an Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
812 Survivors' Origami Blade A Build a blade for your Sword Hilt with an Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
813 Survivors' Origami Pistol A Fold your Interlocking Survivors' Sheet around Pistol Fittings
814 Survivors' Origami Shield A Plate a Midgard Riot Shield with your Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
815 Survivors' Origami Coin M Fold two Survivors' Origami Sheets
816 Interlocking Survivors' Sheet M Interlock a pair of Survivors' Origami Sheets
817 Survivors' Origami Vortex M Twist two Survivors' Origami Sheets
818 Survivors' Origami Crown M Coronate yourself with four Survivors' Origami Sheets
819 Survivors' Origami Box M Hide a treasure with two Survivors' Origami Sheets
820 Survivors' Origami Crane M Stick to the basics with a Survivors' Origami Sheets
821 Spun Decahedron C Fuse your Spun Tetrahedron and Spun Cube
822 Spun Isocahedron C Merge your Spun Octahedron and Spun Dodecahedron
823 Spun Lattice C Overlay your Spun Decahedron and Spun Isocahedron
824 Optimized Targeter P Interlock your Targeting Algorithm with a HUD Manager
826 NovOS HUD Manager P Specialize your HUD Manager with a Functionality Interface
827 Inhuman HUD Manager P Rebuild your HUD Manager around Inhuman Code
828 filtered HUD Manager P Affix a Secured Filter to your NovOS HUD Manager
829 Integrated Vision P Integrate your HUD Manager with Backend Code
830 Integrated Targeting P Feed your Targeting Algorithm data from Backend Code
831 Integrated Vigilance P Let EyesAround gaze through Backend Code
832 Integrated Hunt P Enhance your Targeting Algorithm data with Integrated Vision
834 Fractal Loop P Run some Fractal Code through an Automation Routine
835 Cacophony Producer P Seed White Noise Produce with Backend Code
836 Integrated Verification P Rewire your Inhuman HUD Manager with Backend Code
838 Personal Nailbat AQ Make some Polysteel nails to stud your Enforcement Bat
839 Animatronic Raven E Animate your Stuffed Raven with an Animatronic Motor
840 Puddle Meat S Fillet a Puddle Fish
841 Puddle Sushi S Class up a Puddle Fish with some Sushi Rice
842 Puddle Roll S Wrap a Puddle Fish in Sushi Nori
843 Stringy Eclipse C Mix Silk Strands into Liquified Eclipse
844 Silk Fishing Line C Untangle two clumps of Silk Strands
847 Cyberlimb Blanks E Solder some Artificial Muscle Fibers to equally Artificial Bone
848 Protocyberlimbs E Assemble Artificial Bone, Artificial Muscle Fibers, and a Cybernetic Interface (2 Energy)
849 Basic Cyberarms E Piece together Artificial Bone, Artificial Muscle Fibers, and two Cybernetic Interfaces (3 Energy)
850 Basic Cyberlegs E Build up Artificial Bone with twice the Artificial Muscle Fibers and Cybernetic Interfaces (3 Energy)
851 Wired Cyberarms E Fire up Artificial Bone, Artificial Muscle Fibers, and three Cybernetic Interfaces (4 Energy)
852 Wired Cyberlegs E Wrap Artificial Bone with twice the Artificial Muscle Fibers and double Cybernetic Interfaces (4 Energy)
853 Powerful Cyberarms E Mobilize Artificial Bone with double Artificial Muscle Fibers and a pair of Cybernetic Interfaces (4 Energy)
854 Powerful Cyberlegs E Beef up Artificial Bone with triple Artificial Muscle Fibers and a Cybernetic Interface (4 Energy)
855 Targeting Cyberarms E Focus Artificial Bone, Artificial Muscle Fibers, and a pair of Cybernetic Interfaces with a Targeting Circuit (4 Energy)
856 Rhythmic Cyberlegs E Synchronize Artificial Bones, two Artificial Muscle Fibers, and a Cybernetic Interface with a Signal Analysis Circuit (4 Energy)
857 Sealed Cyberblade E Apply a Cybersafety Seal to an Unsealed Cyberblade
858 Trash Cyberheart E Install a Cybernetic Interface into a Trash Golem Heart
859 Sludge Cyberheart E Fit a Sludge Heart with a Cybernetic Interface
860 Secret Cyberheart E Hide a Cybernetic Interface inside a Secret Heart
863 Chattering Skull E Enliven your Foam Skull with an Animatronic Motor
864 Injured Gargoyle E Motivate your Plastic Gargoyle with an Animatronic Motor
865 Animatronic Gargoyle E Animate your Plastic Gargoyle with two Animatronic Motors
866 Skull Pile MQ Mortar together six Foam Skulls with a Foam Tube
867 Moving Apple C Inject a Crisp Apple with Liquified Eclipse
868 Moving Apple C Inject an Heirloom Apple with Liquified Eclipse
869 Moving Apple C Inject a Waxed Apple with Liquified Eclipse
870 Water Pump A Use an Animatronic Motor to force water through a Gas Mask closed up with Sealant Patches
871 Moving Apple C Inject a Mislit Apple with Liquified Eclipse
872 Mirror Tile C Extract it from two Mirror Tiles
873 Ghost Functionality P Wrap a Functionality Interface with Ghost Code
874 Ghost Security P Encapsulate a Security Interface with Ghost Code
875 Ghost Code P Q Create Ghost Code from six Snippets of Code
876 Moving Apple C Inject an Apple with Liquified Eclipse
878 Eclipsemelon C Soak a Watermelon Slice in Liquified Eclipse
879 Scattering Firework C Set Twin Fireworks up to shatter with some White Flakes
880 Designed Firework E Aim a Scattering Firework with a Targeting Circuit

Additionally, the following combinations are also valid, which not listed above directly, but are made of several parts assembled as intermediate steps:


August 26th, 2012 - containment suits were updated, adding a ~dozen new recipes, and recipes #146 and #150 were removed.

July 3rd, 2012 - grenades were updated, adding a few new recipes and recipe #34 removed.

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