Rearranging Cubicles



Encounter Conditions

I was sober if that matters??

Initial Text

A group of students mill among the dark reaches of the floor, rearranging cubicle walls to make the place even more confusing.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stay and chat - Information
  2. Help them out - Add to the maze
  3. Leap to attack - Fight 2 Hipsters
  4. Leave them be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Stay and chat

One of the artists lays out their plan to introduce the office to the fundamental hopelessness of human existence in general and slaving away at Midgard for physical gains in particular.

Meanwhile, the others add increasingly morose decorations to the cubicles.

Help them out


You help them spread their vision for Halloween over the floor, rearranged cubicle walls to create impenetrable mazes and leaving animal forms staring down like countless hunters.

Leap to attack

The students call for help, but none is forthcoming. You're able to corner two of them easily enough.

(Fight 2 Hipsters)

Leave them be


You leave them to continue their decoration.

See Walk Away

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