Pumpkin Microbrew


Image pumpukin-bottle.jpg
Description You don't recognize the name of the brewery that made this, which is franky probably a good sign. The label says its a "3PA - double pumpkin pale ale" which could mean just about anything.
Type Drug
Requires 1 Body
Use The hops hit you in a wave, a physical sensation as much as a flavor. The pumpkin comes later, sneaking in as a mellow after taste.

While you're trying to catch the flavor, the alcohol broadsides you. This stuff isn't messing around!
Multi (text)
Effects You've gained 20 energy of No Pain.
You've gained 20 energy of Halloween Spirit.
You've earned 6 XP in Will


Punk Burning Barrel, Halloween 2013


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result (probably powdered glass?)
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Drugs
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