Psychotic Break


Image psychoticbreak.jpg
Description A stealth attack more effective as an opener
Chain 3
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 4
Special +4 Base Damage (or more) as an Opener

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4 (Stealth)
You grin maniacally and slash into the <opponent> for <X> stealth damage.
As opener 8 (Stealth)
You snap and take <opponent> off guard, slashing into <it> for <X> stealth damage.
As opener from a 1 evil choice encounter* 10 (Stealth)
You slash into <opponent>, a manic grin on your face, laughing wildly while you do <X> stealth damage.
As opener from a 2+ evil choice encounter, while sober* 12 (Stealth)
You laugh and laugh as you slash into <opponent> for <X> stealth damage.
As opener from a 2+ evil choice encounter, while Etheric* 15 (Etheric**) Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You imagine a dark place filled with knives and blood and screaming. Then you drag <opponent> into that place, leaving <them> shaken and bleeding for <X> etheric damage.

* You get these messages for attacking opponents from choice encounters. If the choice encounter is a 1 Evil action (eg. gives Cool Coin), you get the former message, if it is a 2 Evil action (eg. gives Cold Coin), you get the latter. Fighting from choice encounters that don't count as evil just use the regular "you snap…" message.
** Uses Etheric Power, not Stealth Power to increase damage.


Winning a fight against an innocent target with shining glasses equipped.
Innocent targets are people/creatures who otherwise don't fight you in choice adventures.

Used By (Opponents)

Quad Psycho
Whispering Doll

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