Allows you to run programs. Remaining processor important in hacking.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Processor Bonuses

6 blazing PDA
5 Fang PDA (with Midgard neural expander), gold dual learntop, refitted Y4 (with Midgard neural expander), unused Y4 (with Midgard neural expander)
4 buffered PDA, fast PDA, gold Midgard Player, gold TZR, handcrafted PDA, retro PDA, twitch PDA
3 Biotech PDA (with Midgard neural expander), buffered learntop, corporate Y5, expanded gold learntop, Fang PDA, functioning PDA, gold learntop, hardened PDA, mock Y5, old PDA, rebuilt learntop, refitted Y4, twitch learntop, unused Y4
2 buffered TZR, expanded PDA, highmem TZR, monitored Midgard Player, student PDA, TZR chipdeck, unlocked Midgard Player, Zaibatsu TZR
1 Biotech PDA, expanded learntop, OmniTech learntop, rattling PDA
Note: this effect is already included in the previous table.
Cyberwear (Neuralware)
+2 Midgard neural expander (only with a Midgard PDA equipped)
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