Patchwork Dreams


Image stitcheddreamsbook.jpg
Description You've touched a strange set of dreams somehow pieced together from other, older sources. The joints are still uncomfortably visible, but something about the patched-together whole speaks to you.
When Used (See below)


Using the Tattered Horror Paperback. Permanent.


The skill can be toggled to (de)activate it from your character sheet. Using the skill gives:


(If non-etheric)
It's hard to tell sometimes, between fake science and the real thing. Thankfully, the maddest of mad science is still well in the past… well, except for the dreams of people raised on the stories, you suppose.

(If etheric)
You feel like you're walking through someone else's dreams, but it's still kind of surprising how much it feels that that terrible book about mad science and unauthorized experiments.

And then:

(If skill is toggled off:)
You haven't been thinking about this much lately.
Start thinking

(If skill is toggled on:)
You've been thinking about this a lot lately.
Stop it

Choosing to start thinking results in:

You dwell on the twisted routes of mad science a bit, all the ideas that people thought should work but never panned out. You can't seem to get them out of your head.

Stop it results in:

You resolve to stop thinking about mad science so much. There's plenty of crazy actual science to dwell on.

Item Summary


Eclipse.jpg Dark Mad Science Lab
  1. Poke around
  2. Install a capacitor array
  3. Install a capacitor plug
  4. Examine the equipment
  5. Back away slowly

Eclipse.jpg Massive Glass Tube
  1. Turn the dial
  2. Leave it be


You can grow a complete set of cyberware in the Massive Glass Tube.

Item Type Effects
stitched arms Cyberarms +2 Melee Power
-2 Fire Defense
stitched legs Cyberlegs +2 Evasion Power
-2 Fire Defense
tubegrown bones Bodyware +3 Melee Defense
-3 Stealth Defense
tubegrown brain Neuralware +3 Etheric Defense
-3 Fire Power
tubegrown eyes Cybereyes +2 Etheric Power
-2 Fire Power
tubegrown organ Organware +3 Stealth Defense
-3 Perception
-3 Reflexes
-3 Strength
-3 Will


Using an experimental beaker with (some of the?) tubegrown cyberware grants special techniques.

Chain Technique Source Type Attribute Base
stitchedgrasp.jpg Stitched Grip stitched arms Melee Strength 3
tubegrowntouch.jpg Tubegrown Touch tubegrown organ Etheric Reflexes 8 +3 as Closer
patchworkdodge.jpg Patchwork Defense stitched legs Evade Reflexes 4 (F) +4 def vs MRE with stitched legs
tubegrownthoughts.jpg Tubegrown Thoughts tubegrown brain None Will 4 (E)
tubegrowngaze.jpg Tubegrown Gaze tubegrown eyes Etheric Will 10 gaze technique
skeletalgrowth.jpg Skeletal Growth tubegrown bones Etheric Will ?
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