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Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Pushing her way through the fog, you see the woman who greeted you in the ballroom during preparations. She's changed into a vampire costume, her mouth twisted into a disappointed frown around her fangs.

"Silver Towers… just doesn't seem like the right place for this does it?"

"Not that it has to be back on campus like when I was running things, but maybe a change in venue might help things get a little more lively."

Summary of Choices

  1. Silver towers is good - results
  2. Back on campus is better - results
  3. In Midgard Headquarters - results
  4. The Oldtown records office - results
  5. Maybe the Cellar Door - results
  6. I don't know - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Silver towers is good

Something happens

Back on campus is better

"Well…" she stops to think for a second. "I bet we could convince them to let us go back there. Things have calmed down enough."

"It's worth a shot anyway, thanks!"

In Midgard Headquarters

"Wow, the security team would not like that."

"But," she smiles a little conspiratorially, "it would be nice to get everyone together, don't you think?"

The Oldtown records office

Something happens

Maybe the Cellar Door

"Huh," she looks a little taken aback, "I suppose I could get some wings for the occasion… and the bosses can't complain too much if it's for work."

"Are the kids really into that stuff these days? Man, this makes me feel old."

I don't know

Something happens, but mostly it's just

(Walk Away)

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