Parking Garage Bums



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A faint light flickers in a dingy corner, a fire built inside a barrel casting the forms of four men as shadows. One looks over, a glimmer in his eyes, "hey, boss, you need some help around here?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Offer credits - lose 20 credits, help organize
  2. Offer Eclipse - lose 4 Eclipse
  3. Offer Metros Lights - lose 4 Metros Light, help organize a bit
  4. Scare them off - fight Filthy Bum
  5. Ignore them - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Offer credits

You send their ringleader 20 credits and he promises to divvy it up. The others look satisfied, so it's probably alright.

They head off to start tidying the place up… which seems like a good place to start, honestly.
(Lose 20 credits.)

Offer Eclipse

You slip the four of them an Eclipse each. Their eyes light up as each greedily swallows a pill.

The ringleader looks at you, an expression of panic suddenly painted over his face. "Ah, fuck, run!"

(Lose 4 Eclipse)

Offer Metros Lights

You give each of them a bottle of Metros Light and they happily agree to work. They all start cleaning up enthusiastically, but two of them eventually manage to start stumbling around off a Metros Light.

(Lose 4 bottles of Metros Light)

Scare them off

Despite your big talk and three of them fleeing, the remaining man stands his ground and swings his fists towards you.

(Fight Filthy Bum)

Ignore them

You make an excuse and walk past them. None of them seem terribly offended, but a few are starting to look a little restless.

(Walk Away)

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