Out Of Place Punk



Encounter Conditions

Sufficient Punks

Initial Text

An extremely out of place student with a mohawk gives you a slight nod as you pass. Even setting aside his hair style and dress, everything about his posture and motions scream he's up to no good.

Summary of Choices

  1. Chat with him - Information
  2. Offer your help - Information
  3. Stop him by force - Fight Punk Student
  4. Leave him be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Chat with him

He smiles unpleasantly. "Well, you know, we're just trying to make Halloween properly scary, you know?"

He doesn't seem interested in unpacking what "properly scary" means.

In a Punk Disguise

He looks around, as though expecting guards to appear at any moment. "We're going to show these bastards what fear's about. No security, no secrets, no safety."

He pauses for a moment, thoughtful, "and probably lots of fire. Can't go wrong with fire."

Offer your help

He shakes his head. "It's not that you shouldn't help but, you know, we should fly solo. It's important they can't round us all up at once."

"Not that, you know, they'd have any cause to do that." He coughs nervously.

In a Punk Disguise


He quietly guides you over to an area where the cubicles reek of petrol and lets you cast the match of honor. They go up like dry tinder until the fire suppressant system kicks on.

Stop him by force

You jump him. He doesn't seem surprised, exactly, more relieved that he finally knows where the hammer's going to fall.

(Fight Punk Student)

Leave him be

You leave him to whatever mayhem he has planned.

Walk Away.

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