Opponent Flags

Opponents have a number of attributes, also shared by the player, including HP, Gender, Group Opponent, Power, Defense, XP gained, etc. In addition, there are various opponent-specific flags which can be applied:

Trait Results
Air Filter Protection against gas and other airborne attacks
Aquatic Lives in or around water
Crunchy Or generally "fleshless"; see also No Organs
Drone Gives bonus to Drone Studies, Drone Anatomy
Electric Vulnerability to electric attacks; changes result of ghoultouched
Eyeless Immune to blinding attacks, or other visual distractions; seems to be the same flags as various Sunglasses/Eye Protection
Flying Makes them hard to squish against the ground
Hound Alters Release the Hounds and Hunting Command
Human Gives a bonus to unexpected grab; eating them is evil
Made of Fire Alternate Ghoultouched message
No Organs Protection against airborne attacks and other techniques and abilities that target specific organs
Powerful Wings Deflects gas grenades
Primordial/Fishy Gives bonus energy when you eat these opponents with Ocean Sight
Spectral Changes result of ghoultouched; gives ectoplasmic samples
Snowman Affects Frost Breath, Ghoultouched
Stone Affects Rocksplitter Shot
Sunless/Fungal Gives bonus energy when you eat these opponents with Fae Sight
Tentacled Affects Channel the Deep
Swimming Alters some techniques
Other Flags Many possibilities- sword weapon, parasol weapon, needler weapon, tome of binding, shield, writhing flesh, etc. See Item/Effect Flags for details.

See also: Opponents Testing, Opponents Stat Table

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