Open Workstation: First Person Shooter Game

This is one of four games you can play on the Open Workstation in the Open Computer Lab.

First Person Shooter

The FPS noncombat plays out in a series of paragraphs. The introduction is always the same. The weapon choice depends on the composition of your deck and occasional special factors. The result depends on how your weapon matches up with your opponent's weapon. You may get additional messages under special circumstances.


You search through the system's file structure and find there's a client for a local server of Shotgun Saint. It's fairly famous, mostly because of the debate whether it's social commentary or gratuitous violence.

Someone, who apparently wants to add fuel to that fire, has loaded the game with a custom stage made to resemble Metroplex University's campus. Admittedly there aren't usually this many demons, aliens, or demonic aliens on campus.

Weapon Choice

NOTE: Techniques of type Etheric, Fire, and None are ignored when determining your deck type. A deck with only those types will select a random weapon choice. (% chance of each not tested.)
NOTE: Decks with mixed techniques have been lightly tested, but more testing could be useful. Decks with "tied" amounts of relevant techniques have not been tested.

With Shotgun Saint playing, regardless of deck:

The game has a whole range of weapons, but everybody knows shotguns are the best. Duh. They're right in the name. (Gain +2 XP in Will)

Or, if a plurality of your techniques are Melee & Shotgun Blast:

The game has a whole range of weapons, but the shotgun seems pretty straightforward. You don't have to worry about aiming and, well, it's in the name of the game.

Or, if a plurality of your techniques are Ranged (not counting Shotgun Blast):

The game has a whole range of weapons, but it's hard to argue with the assault rifle. It's flexible and has a completely unrealistic rate of fire.

Or, if a plurality of your techniques are Stealth:

The game has a whole range of weapons, but the sniper rifle seems like a good option. After all, who can kill you if they can't see you?


Playing the game always gives a base 2 XP in Perception, win or lose. If you unseat the current winner, you gain an additional 2 XP in Will.

Your weapon Opponent weapon Text
Shotgun Shotgun You get into a shotgun duel with <player>, but they're definitely in the groove.
Shotgun Rifle You try to unseat <player>, but can't get close enough under the withering barrage of automatic fire.
Shotgun Sniper You charge under <player>'s sniper post and take them out with a shotgun blast. Victory!
Rifle Shotgun <Player> tries to defend their lead with a shotgun, but they just don't have the range to take you on. Victory!
Rifle Rifle You try to unseat <Player>, but just end up inconclusively trading barrages of automatic fire.
Rifle Sniper You try to storm <Player>'s sniper post, but take a bullet as soon as you stop to get a shot in.
Sniper Shotgun You try to set up a sniping position but <player> keeps pressing you too close.
Sniper Rifle You set up a sniping station and catch <player> as soon as they stop to reload. Victory!
Sniper Sniper You try to set up a sniping position, but <player>'s is already there.

Or, if you already are the current winner:

There are quite a few students logged in and some of them don't seem to be terrible, but they just can't keep up with you.

And if you have a PDA equipped and juryrigged Antenna active ?
It looks like a few of them are recording the game… hopefully so they can learn where they went wrong. You can't immediately tell where they're sending the data, but it should make it easier to pick those sites out of the lab's background noise. (Makes your next encounter a University net hacking encounter?)

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Additional Messages

If the type of weapon you have equipped matches the one you chose in the game:

This game really doesn't bear any resemblance to shooting people, but sorting through how wrong it is gives you a chance to think about it some. (+2 XP in Perception)


Prior to May 10th, 2014 the result for this game was:

You search through the system's file structure and find a classic first person shooter. There doesn't seem to be anyone else playing, so you dart around in single player killing aliens, demons, or demon-aliens. It isn't that clear, but it doesn't really matter.

It doesn't really teach you anything about gunfighting, but it does help hone your senses.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

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