No Pain


Image BottleofAlcohol.jpg
Description You're definitely feelin' no pain at this point. Until this gets out of your system, you're not likely to notice your limbs getting torn off.
Hidden Flags Ingestion Effect
Effects +2 Melee Defense


apple rotgut (20 energy, 2 Body)
black liquor (10 energy, 3 Body)
black pearl sludge (10 energy, 3 Body)
dissolved pearl (10 energy, 2 Body)
Eclipse whiskey (10 + 3 x Eclipse Duration energy, 4 Body)
gin and tonic (50 energy, 4 Body)
grain alcohol (10 energy, 3 Body)
martini (30 energy, 3 body)
Monday chip (energy varies based on equipment)
pumpkin microbrew (20 energy, 1 Body)
numbing chip
painkiller (10 energy, 2 Body)
pearl liquor (10 energy, 2 Body)
potent painkiller (30 energy, 4 Body)
rum flask (10 energy, 3 Body)
mislabeled wine (20 energy, 3 Body)
bottled Halloween (40 energy, 3 Body)
the over/under (12 energy, 4 Body)
tranquilizing cocktail (40 energy, 6 Body)

Removed by

Castor Capsule (3 body)
Multi-using toxic eyeball (2*n body) (unconfirmed)
Fighting a Pain Gremlin


Enhances the Powercode Attack Die when active.
Gives extra XP in the Resistance Test from the HKGames helmet helmet.

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