New Drug In Southside



Encounter Conditions

Offered to buy in Pick a Side

Initial Text

A pair of gangers approach from the edges of park. One gestures at you and displays a few white pills in his hand.

"I told you I'd get you something good. Ten cred each. You won't regret it."

Summary of Choices

  1. Take one - Lose 10 credits, gain 1 Eclipse
  2. Take four -
  3. Jump them - Fight 2 Gangers who can drop Eclipse
  4. No thanks - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Take one

You transfer over ten credits and he hands you a small, white pill stamped with a strange logo. It feels strange in your hand, as though its size and texture change subtly.

He nods curtly. "Enjoy the Eclipse. We'll be around if you want to see any more."

You found: Eclipse
(Lose 10 credits)

Take four

Something happens

Jump them

You jump the pair of them. They seem startled for a moment, as though they're unused to other people visiting violence on them, but do draw their guns after they regain their poise.

(Fight two Gangers)

No thanks

The closer ganger clucks his tongue in irritation and both make their way back towards the edges of the park.

See Walk Away

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