Nest Keeper


Image TrashGolemHeart.jpg
Description You're covered with a carpet of tiny spiders originating from the lump of congealed petrol in your offhand. You feel… different. It's hard to imagine minding being swarmed by spiders or, in fact, why everyone responds so negatively to you.
Hidden Flags Removed on Offhand Equipment Change
Effects +6 Etheric Power
-6 Will
Moderately Increases Chance of Combat Encounters


Using the Call the Swarm technique, or having it used against you, with a spider nest equipped gives 5 energy of this effect (for each Call the Swarm used) at the end of the fight.


Unequipping the spider nest removes all energy of this effect.

If you go into a fight with 51 or more energy of this effect active, you get this message at the end of combat and do not gain any additional energy of the effect:

The returning spiders crawl back up your body towards the nest. A vicious battle occurs in your hand between the residents of the filled nest and the newcomers.

The weak are consumed and the strong grow stronger.

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