Mysterious Puzzle Box Grinding

Special Encounter

(doesn't require energy)


  1. change box to tablet form
  2. switch the "small metal plate"
  3. switch to box form
  4. open compartment, put in powder
  5. change to rod form
  6. grind powder
  7. change to box form
  8. open compartment, get upgraded powder

Rinse and repeat steps 4 to 8 for more uses. Except for the rinsing, that would kinda be bad for the powder.

You gain 10 energy of Puzzled Out (or 5, if you have the Secrets of the Cube skill) upon first opening the powder pouring chamber, whether you put anything into it or not.



Possible Products and Effects

Product Effects Requires Source(s)
achromatic dust 10 Energy
Achromatic Glow (40)
2 Body achromatic metal powder
acidic dust 2-3 Energy
Acidic Blood (25)
2 Body mottled crystals, spider ash, sulfur, white flakes
ashes of memory 10 XP in Reflexes 3 Body shaman's dust
blood of the ancients 10-11 Energy
Blood of the Ancients (25)
6 Body red flakes
crystal dust 3-4 Energy
Crystal Blood (25)
2 Body fine hound dust, hound dust, metallic powder
eyedrop dust Clear Eyes (20)
Puzzle Sight (20)
2 Body dehydrated eyedrops
gold powder (no change) - gold powder
mysterious ash 2-3 Energy
Other as-yet mysterious stuff?
1 Body paper dust
oily dust 3 (?) Energy
Oily Blood (25)
2 Body rinsed squid eyes, tiny black pearls, tiny squid eyes
organic dust 3-4 Energy
Living Blood (25)
2 Body agar powder, black spores, coffee crystals, cracked spores, fair trade grounds, Halloween drink mix, Lattes! latte powder, processed sugar, serpent powder, serum powder, sparkling spores, spider eggs, toxic squid eyes?
red dust 11-12 Energy
Ancient Resilience (20)
3 Hunger red flakes
stimulant dust 8-10 Energy
Sparkling Blood (25)
2 Body caffeine powder, cut Nova, fortified coffee grounds, Nova

Inputs and Products

Input Product
achromatic metal powder achromatic dust
agar powder organic dust
black spores organic dust
caffeine powder stimulant dust
coffee crystals organic dust
cracked spores organic dust
cut Nova stimulant dust
dehydrated eyedrops eyedrop dust
fair trade grounds organic dust
fine hound dust crystal dust
fortified coffee grounds stimulant dust
gold powder gold powder
Halloween drink mix organic dust
hound dust crystal dust
Lattes! latte powder organic dust
metallic powder crystal dust
mottled crystals acidic dust
Nova stimulant dust
paper dust mysterious ash
processed sugar organic dust
red flakes blood of the ancients or red dust
rinsed squid eyes oily dust
serpent powder organic dust
serum powder organic dust
shaman's dust ashes of memory
sparkling spores organic dust
spider ash acidic dust
spider eggs organic dust
sulfur acidic dust
tiny black pearls oily dust
tiny squid eyes oily dust
toxic squid eyes organic dust (?)
white flakes acidic dust

† Grinding red flakes, leaving them in the powder pouring chamber over rollover, and then grinding them again before opening the chamber yields blood of the ancients. Otherwise, you receive red dust.

Unsurprisingly, items are not 'stored' inside the puzzle box between resets. Also, if you have more than one box, if you put something in one box, and open up another box, it will in there. Kinak hinted that the chamber is not actually in the box, but in fact some kind of unearthly-dimension-portal that all boxes lead to.


Before July 7, 2010 adding an item to the pouring chamber gave a special message. Those messages were:

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