Mysterious Drone Signature

The "mysterious drone signature" is something that you can notice after you use a bunch of drone memories. The exact uses/implications of this are currently unknown.

Acquiring Drone Memories

In the Metroplex U Computer Lab, you can search the top shelf of the Neglected Bookshelf to learn circuit recipes (Processor Chip, Memory Stick, Capacitor Array, Safety Loop and Juryrigged Antenna) if you don't have them; (and then History of Optics if you don't have it?); and if you have all of those, you can learn that you can extract memories from disabled or cooperative drones:

The memories can be extracted by equipping salvaging tools or electrical kit, and then killing any of the following:


The special signature only shows up for certain drones - Midgard's later models. This is somehow related to their ability to turn into strange Etheric creatures when under the influence of Eclipse. (Note: the Wall Turret does not have the special signature and does not change when Etheric.)

To notice it you have to use about 60-62 drone memories. It doesn't seem to matter how many of each you use among the following:

The following do not count:


If you are Etheric when you notice the signature, you can gain a copy of the Evil Eye, Release the Hounds or Call the Swarm techniques for using the heli-, hound or spider drone memory respectively.

Once found, this also affects

See also: Historia Aetherium: Drone Creatures

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