Monstrous Form


Image goat%20leg%2025.jpg
Description The more you accept your monstrous nature, expressing it outwardly, the more you exceed the limits of what is human.
Effects Provides bonuses for monstrous modifications


Using the cellular differentiation report with certain effects active (see page for details.)


With some/all? counterculture cyberware, you get certain bonuses for having it equipped or active.

Full details are not confirmed - see discussion. With any(?) actual cyberware, you get +2 Strength (no matter how many you have installed)?

Certain other items/effects also give specific bonuses - unknown yet if there is an underlying pattern here:
Source Bonus
goat legs +2 Evasion Power
cat eyes +2 Stealth Defence
blackened eyes +2 Etheric Defence
glimmering crystal eye +2 Etheric Power
goat legs +2 Evasion Power
Bone Spikes +4 Ranged Defence
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