Mirror Strike


Image mirrorstrike.jpg
Description A melee strike that reflects your history
Chain 4
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 6
Special Reflects your history or the path before you

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Uses Notes
With the Perception AROTPBY 12 Perc? Stab Technique
You match <opponent's> movement, observing him closely and finding the perfect opening to stab for <X> damage.
With the Reflexes AROTPBY 12 Refl Stab Technique
You match <opponent's> movement perfectly, darting in to stab it for <X> damage.
With the Strength AROTPBY 12 Str
You match <opponent's> movement, overbearing him and crushing down for <X> damage.
With the Will AROTPBY ≥10 Will?
You match <opponent's> movement, waiting… waiting… waiting until it cracks, then stabbing in for <X> damage.


Winning a fight wielding the postapocalyptic spear with AROTPBY unlocked.

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