Mirror Maze Taking Shape



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A sizable section of the ballroom right around the door has been studded with support poles. From the looks of things, mirrors are supposed to go in between, but there are certainly things creepier than just a mirror maze.

Summary of Choices

  1. Slot in a mirror (with mirrored glass - lose 1 mirrored glass, construction progress
  2. Raise another support (with polysteel support - lose 1 polysteel support, construction progress
  3. Drape decorative webbing (with decorative webbing) - lose 1 decorative webbing, construction progress
  4. Add an animatronic doll (with animatronic doll) - lose 1 animatronic doll, construction progress
  5. Study the maze - gain 4 XP Perception, increase maze exploration
  6. Check the supports - gain 4 XP Perception, learn recipe for polysteel support
  7. Leave it be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Slot in a mirror


You stand a mirror between two of the supports, finding it fits perfectly and… wow, this gets more confusing the more it comes together. The endlessly reflecting mirrors and supports are pretty hard to deal with, let alone what might happen when they dim the lights.

Raise another support


You raise another support where the plans have one indicated. This place is going to be one hell of a maze if all those mirrors come in.

Drape decorative webbing

You stretch the webbing over the supports. You're not sure if that'll make it more or less confusing once the mirrors come in, but you are sure that cobwebs make everything spookier.

Add an animatronic doll


You drop off the animatronic doll in the corner between a few mirrors. Yeah, even if it doesn't start talking, that's bound to freak some people out.

Study the maze

You study the maze… hopefully you won't get too lost when they bring the lights down, but you're not really certain.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Check the supports

You check the supports. They just look like basic polysteel, really. You could probably make them, given the right tools.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Learn recipe for polysteel support, if you don't already know it

Leave it be

Something happens, but mostly it's just

(Walk Away)

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