Mirror Maze - Stage 1



Encounter Conditions

Minimal level of construction done on the maze?

Initial Text

Someone has painstakingly gone over every blank bit of floor space in the hall, indicating where there are supposed to be supports and where wire is supposed to run and where walls go. It looks like a lot of work, to be honest, far more than one person could do before Halloween, which makes the handwritten "Stage 1" on some of the tape extra intimidating.

Summary of Choices

  1. Add a polysteel support (with polysteel support) - Lose 1 polysteel support, construction progress?
  2. Run thick cabling (with thick cabling) - Lose 1 thick cabling, construction progress?
  3. Clear some space - gain 4 XP Strength
  4. Inspect the foundation - 4 XP Perception
  5. Look for supplies - gain 2 foam bricks
  6. Ignore the lines - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Add a polysteel support

You drive a polysteel support into one of the indicated places. You'd only really need them to hold up something unstable or fragile, but a few of those should do the trick in that case.
(Lose 1 polysteel support)

Run thick cabling

You run some cabling along the indicated lines. Man, whoever planned this has some explaining to do… wiring plans aren't known for being simple, but it's hard to imagine what could use so much wiring.
(Lose 1 thick cabling)

Clear some space

You clear a bit of space along the indicated lines. It's mostly stacking chairs, but it seems like they've got some serious walls coming in.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength

Inspect the foundation

You poke around, looking at what they need. Well, there's a lot of lines for wiring… really a shocking amount of wiring, they must be planning on a hell of a lot of electronics.

But there are also a lot of thin walls with supports and thicker walls indicated by double lines of tape. The thin walls are arranged in a pretty complex arrangement all their own.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Look for supplies

Well, you find a couple bricks… which doesn't seem terribly interesting until you realize they're pretty light. That might be what they're building the thicker walls out of, although they could probably use some mortar or… foam mortar or whatever you'd use to keep foam bricks together.

You found: 2 foam bricks

Ignore the lines

Yeah, they'll need to find somebody else to build their walls, you've got bigger things on your mind.

(Walk Away)

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